Housing disputes

Housing disputes - is one of the most common species in the jurisprudence of dispute, the legal basis of which is the Civil Code and the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, normative legal acts of various levels.In the event of such disputes is sometimes very difficult to do without the help of professionals providing legal services.Housing disputes - is, as the name implies, the controversy regarding the premises, ie premises that are real estate and intended for permanent residence.This can be a house, apartment or room in an apartment that meets the established technical and sanitary standards.

All housing disputes can be classified in the debate on the division of property, disputes about the ownership of housing, disputes concerning the accommodation provided for the social contract of employment, the definition of procedures for the use and tenure disputes on the transfer of non-residential premises in residential and vice versa, eviction andEarliest check-in premises, redevelopment and reconstruction of housing, rental of premises and collection of utility payments.

From a legal perspective it is housing disputes are among the most difficult, of course, if this does not apply to standard situations, which are uniquely identified in the Housing and Civil Code.But more often associated with the resolution of disputes premises required legal services, since it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of legal documents, the order of the universe in the living quarters, the circumstances of their use, the order of acquisition and transfer of ownership, and more.In many cases, when considering housing disputes in court there is a need for assessments and examinations, and to obtain opinions of experts.

As jurisprudence shows, the greatest number of altered or canceled court decisions there is for housing disputes.Therefore, the dispute needed professional services lawyers in housing disputes, which is specialized in civil cases in this category.And, of course, better if the lawyer has extensive practical experience of conducting such cases.Lawyers Moscow in civil cases even during the consultations will help to objectively assess prospectively the case and determine the main points of violation of the rights of the client and offer the most effective methods of recovery as soon as possible

In the event of housing disputes should be borne in mind that beforefiling a lawsuit to collect the necessary documents that motivate the claim and prepare evidence, including written, decide on the basis of the witness.In addition, in cases of housing disputes in most cases, measures are required to ensure the claim, otherwise, in some circumstances, the court decision may further be unenforceable.