The state border between Ukraine and Russia

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In connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 20th century in Eastern Europe was formed many new independent states.For some residents of the Soviet Union collapse of the country has become a real tragedy, for others - an opportunity for new starts.On opposite sides were a lot of families, united by blood, mentality, property values.The border between Ukraine and Russia divided the two largest of the Soviet state, and eventually became not only a nominal Rubicon, but also very real dividing strip.What has changed over 20 years, which has now become the border area?

Official data

border between Russia and Ukraine today has a length of about 2295 kilometers.For the most part, the Rubicon between the two countries was formed in the Soviet period, as part of a single power, in 1928.In particular, the Russian side to the Ukrainian state adjacent Bryansk, Kursk, Rostov, Voronezh and Belgorod regions.This separation is accepted by both subjects and does not cause any additional problems for a long time.

Transfer Crimea

border of Ukraine and Russia for a long time it remained unchanged.However, in 1954 there was a significant event, the echoes of which are particularly relevant in our time.At the initiative of the Soviet authorities in honor of the anniversary: ​​the 300th anniversary of the reunification of the fraternal peoples of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea came under the control of the Ukrainian SSR.In terms of geographic location such transfer seemed quite adequate and reasonable.The next time the border between Ukraine and Russia has changed today, 60 years later, people's, not a government initiative.

Crimea today

Conflict events in Ukraine, which began in late 2013, a negative impact on the political, economic and, as a consequence, the social life of the country.March 16th, 2014 the inhabitants of the Crimea held internal vote and a majority of the popular vote, decide to independence and secession from Ukraine.In the future, based on the intergovernmental agreement Peninsula was one of the subjects of the Russian Federation.The modern history of the vertices in front of millions.However, the Ukrainian side and to date does not agree with the current state of affairs, and accuses Russia of illegal occupation of the territory.

border crossings

Crossing the border between Ukraine and Russia is through special checkpoints.The largest rail posts equipped urban Cossack Lopan, Bachevsk, Kvashino, poplar and others.Its border crossings have for road transport.Any kind of border control governed by the laws of the two states as well as international standards.To ensure adequate bandwidth, each party is obliged to arrange all the necessary infrastructure and two-way communication of various kinds.

rules of crossing the border between the two states

Political developments in Ukraine are changing at breakneck speed, but today the official change of the rules of entry into the country was not made public, although in fact they are certainly there.Thus, the Ukrainian-Russian border crossing available for a visa-free basis.Agreement on such an operation has been concluded in 1997.Citizens of the Russian Federation at the checkpoint need Russian or passport, and for children under 16 years of age - a birth certificate and, if necessary, notarized authorization to travel.Regardless of the method of movement of all persons crossing the border, filled with special immigration card, consisting of two parts.This information is entered into the forms Ukrainian border guards in the appropriate index card.At the entrance to Ukraine the first part of the card is passed border services, and the second is returned by him on departure.The loss of this form is a violation of the regime of crossing the country.

Citizens of Russia can be on the territory of Ukraine within 90 days.If necessary, the extension of the deadline will have to take care of the temporary registration.The citizens of other CIS countries are not able to enter Ukraine without a passport, and the people of Turkmenistan even have to get a visa.

new policy of Ukraine

Since the card borders of Russia and Ukraine has changed significantly, to the residents of the Russian Federation formed certain difficulties, if necessary, a trip to the neighboring country.The first information about it appeared in March 2014, when Ukraine was actually closed the border, referring to the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation, attempts to capture the opponent's territory and aiding terrorism.Additional strengthening was carried out at the border Lugansk and Kharkiv regions, ie in regions where the actual situation is on the brink of civil war.In the words of the new Ukrainian authorities to the former fraternal union republic every day goes a lot of saboteurs and provocateurs supporting extremist sentiment in the country.

Blurred outlines border

At the castle there a limit?Ukraine, Russia, today are in a state of active confrontation in many fields.In cities such as Lugansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Slavyansk, now virtually a civil war, which killed hundreds of civilians in defending their interests, wishes and nationality.A huge number of refugees from the territory of Eastern Ukraine daily crosses the Russian border in search of protection and refuge from the horrors of warfare.

border of Ukraine and Russia today takes blurred outlines.Part of the adjacent territory is currently under the control of militias, and Ukrainian law enforcers are long battle for power over them, while actively organize their own militias crossing posts.

Echoes of War

The Russian press is already there is evidence of some unexploded ordnance, which are on the border of the Russian territory.According to media reports, they came here as a result of the bombing of Ukrainian cities, which are located on the border between the two countries.Currently, mines studied relevant departments of the Russian Federation, and only then will be submitted to the official verdict.

border of Ukraine and Russia, the city that are between the two countries in distress.Hundreds of thousands of people who suffer oppression on ethnic grounds, losing the normal way of life, can not work normally exist, to receive the necessary medical care.On the second side of the fence are also afraid of war, stray shells, terrorist attacks and refugees spontaneously crossing the border in places where it is not equipped with posts and no border guards.At what point will end lawlessness and begin a peaceful life, just can not be answered.Ukrainians and Russian can only hope that the politicians will be able to resolve the problem, lay down their arms, and on the border again prevail peace and tranquility.