How to make your nails shine and eliminate the breakage?

Every woman wants to have a strong and healthy nails.But, alas, not all succeed.Nails suffer from daily stress, improper care, poor nutrition.Sometimes you can observe a fairly frequent occurrence - the layer of nails, the nail plate is weak, increased fragility, dryness.This phenomenon is accompanied by lovers build nails and girls, often using nail polish.Naturally, you need rehabilitation and a complete rejection of these procedures and painting capacity.The only thing that we can advise our beautiful half - try shellac gel polish from the company Blyuskay

little rest for nogotochki go in their favor.Has developed a special health-restoring treatments:

Rate your diet.It is advisable to eat more foods rich in vitamin A, B, C, D, E. Such is the kind of "vitamin".It prevents and fragility, and delamination.The nails are shiny and soon become stronger.

proceed to the masks.On the nails also make masks.Particularly effective are the mask with beeswax.He will strengthen nails, give them a unique live shine.

Baths.In the tub for nogotochki fingers and you can add lemon juice (it not only strengthens, but also whiten), iodine (a few drops), sea salt.It is worth a splash of olive oil.The most usable component - sea salt.It can be purchased at the pharmacy.The salt should not contain additives, colorants, flavors.Only then it will have its curative effect.In a glass of warm water is necessary to dissolve one teaspoon of sea salt.Lower the nails in the tub and let stand 20 minutes.There is another proven tool - a natural red wine.It is perfectly strengthens the nail plate.1 tablespoon red wine dissolved in 1 cup of warm water.Nails should be immersed in water for 15 minutes.
Avoid contact with aggressive cleaning agents.These are all means, from washing dishes and finishing powder.By finding nail excess water would inevitably lead to their fragility.To reduce the brittle nails, we recommend using shellac blyuskay.Buy it, you can store in Fancy Neilsen.
often can not use the nail polish remover.Minimum - 1 time per week and no more!Do not forget that the content in the medium of acetone nail polish remover, very destructive.
Traditional methods are very important.But without professional care products apparent effect is difficult to achieve.The nail must be strengthened not only the outer surface but also inside.On the use of professional care products should consult a specialist.But do not be superfluous to the use of special nutrient lacquers.They will protect the nail from breaking, improve the surface layers, will strengthen it.
Unusual method - massage.How many pros!It increases blood flow, nails begin to grow actively.And if you use the massage and special cream, you can also strengthen your nails.Massage should be done regularly.

That's all simple secrets for healthier nails.The main thing - to try, but the effect is not long to wait.