My head aches with hangover, what to do?

hardships hangover familiar to almost everyone.Despite popular belief, the amount of alcohol consumed may be small.After all, if a person is rarely used alcohol-based drinks, even a little alcohol can cause unpleasant symptoms in the morning.So, if you have a headache from a hangover, what to do to alleviate the condition?


first question faced by a man who with a hangover headache: what to do to eliminate the discomfort?Initially should start the fight against intoxication.That it is the main cause of hangover.

detoxifies two ways:

  1. Physical .It is recommended to do an enema to cleanse the bowel.Careful gastric lavage facilitates symptoms.But this method is not acceptable for most people.How can that be, because a headache from a hangover?What to do in such a situation?Use the method described below.
  2. Reception sorbents. most effective drugs are: "Activated Carbon", "Polyphepan", "Liferan", "Lignosorb."Such drugs should be used for 1.5 hours before a meal.Excellent displays the body of harmful products of disintegration of the drug "Enterosgel".

Fighting dehydration

with unpleasant discomfort the person faces in the morning after a hangover: headache.What to do with such symptoms?To get rid of a hangover is recommended:

  1. drink mineral water.Relief will bring medical dining drink "Borjomi", "Essentuki".For best results it is recommended slightly acidified water with lemon juice.
  2. water and salt balance in the body will help to normalize the cucumber or cabbage pickle.
  3. Useful rich in vitamin C broth hips, dairy products (yogurt recommended), kvass.

normalization nervous system

initial stages of the struggle with the unpleasant symptoms have been completed.However, still very much a headache from a hangover.What to do next?

Now it's time to start the normalization of the nervous system.One of the best drugs for this purpose is the "Glycine".Also it is possible to take other medicines that can support the functioning of the heart:

  • «Panangin."
  • «Pantogam."
  • «Mexidol."
  • «Pikamilon."

Pets methods

Remember, if you have a headache from a hangover, what to do.Relief may bring the following activities:

  1. cold shower. This procedure will allow to cheer up and give the body strength to eliminate toxicity.But the event has to be short-lived.Otherwise, you will be provided a cold.After a shower rub thoroughly with a towel.
  2. Ice compress. bring relief cold.Several blocks put in the package.This put a compress on his head.Blood vessels in this case will be narrowed and unpleasant discomfort will pass.
  3. warm bath with lavender and rosemary oil. procedure significantly accelerates the elimination of toxins.The water temperature should be about 37-39 degrees.It spend about 15-20 minutes.This event helps to speed up the functioning of the kidneys.Therefore, the toxins out of the body quickly.

Folk remedies

Since ancient times, people know if a headache from a hangover, what to do.Traditional means to fight the unpleasant symptoms have come to the present day.

are effective the following recommendations:

  1. Excellent helps with hangover tea with mint and lemon balm.The same effect has curdled milk.This brings relief green and chamomile tea.Ancillary effects on the body will honey.
  2. to restore the body can drink tonic cocktail.To cook it you need tomato juice - 1 cup.Fresh egg to be beat with a little black pepper and a pinch of salt.This mixture pour in tomato juice and stir.
  3. is recommended to use the morning cold soup: gazpacho, hodgepodge, friedge.
  4. Popular folk remedies to get rid of hangover are fermented foods: pickled apples, cucumber pickle, sauerkraut juice, kvass.
  5. healthy food, rich in minerals: canned fish, pickles.
  6. recommended to chew and eat ¼ h. Liter.cumin seeds.
  7. Well eliminates toxic ammonia diluted in water.In one glass of cold liquid is necessary 3-5 drops.
  8. greatly facilitate the functioning of the liver broth oats.The glass should be rinsed cereal and pour hot water (1.5 liters).The broth should cook for 1 hour.After straining the liquid, add 1 ch. L.salt.During the first hours of an unpleasant condition resulting broth should be drunk in small portions.
  9. favorable effect of intoxication will next drink.In a glass of warm water should be add one tablespoon of honey.

tablets hangover

The human body is able to detoxify themselves.To facilitate this task pharmacologists developed a number of medicines.They allow you to overcome intoxication more quickly and with minimal impact.

So, how to get rid of a hangover quickly and without a headache?Familiarize yourself with the following medications:

  1. Succinic acid. every hour is recommended to take 1 tablet.During the day, allowed a maximum of 6 pellets.
  2. tincture of Eleutherococcus. This drug should be consumed half an hour before a meal in the amount of 20-40 drops.
  3. «Antipohmelin." This tool should be taken to a feast at 1-2 tablets.The drug is taken in the process of alcohol.For every 100 grams of vodka is necessary to take 1-2 pills.
  4. «Stand-ka." To get rid of an unpleasant state in a glass of water is needed to dissolve 1 effervescent tablet.The tool can be taken in the evening, immediately after alcohol consumption, or in the morning when unpleasant hangover.

Pops uses the following drugs:

  • «Alka-Seltzer."
  • «Alka-prime".
  • «Zoreks."
  • «Medihronal."

Such drugs should be taken according to instructions.

Conclusion There are many methods to deal with intoxication.But, unfortunately, none of them is able to eliminate all unpleasant symptoms.While the body alone will not get rid of all the degradation products can only facilitate the flow of unpleasant symptoms.A great help people walk in the fresh air if a headache from a hangover.What else?Try different methods and choose the most effective way, fully taking into account the peculiarities of the organism.