Why have a headache after drinking alcohol and how to deal with a hangover?

shindig, many friends and a couple of glasses of alcohol - a situation that is probably familiar to everyone.In such circumstances, the person relaxes, it communicates with your peers and simply have fun.But whether all of paint of such a recreation are so bright?After all, the morning after a party rainbow of emotions and fun are replaced by gray tones and a terrible headache, popularly referred to as a hangover.And here is why a headache after drinking, even if you drink quite a bit, try to understand.

main causes of migraine

US scientists for a long time engaged in the study of hangover, or rather, the effect of alcohol on the human body.Through years of research, they identified two groups of reasons, because of which there is a temporal headache from a hangover.The first - the main group - carry oxygen starvation of cells of the cerebral cortex.It is because under the influence of alcohol, the formation of clots blood cells whose function is to carry oxygen.And since this biological process is disrupted, the human brain, like other organs, is not receiving adequate nutrition.As a consequence - the death of cells of the cerebral cortex, and headache.

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It should also be noted that in the morning in the body of dead tissue is rejected.And it is precisely this process is blame for the fact, that the head hurts with a hangover.After a strong increase in intracranial pressure to remove dead cells from the body can not pass unnoticed.Therefore, taking alcohol, you should remember that the duration of the hangover and headaches depends entirely on the amount of alcohol consumed and the number of glasses of dead brain cells.

Indirect causes headaches

Do not underestimate the pernicious influence of alcohol on the human body.And in this case it will not go on, or addiction consequences consider only those processes that trigger the appearance of external symptoms of a hangover.As well as a partial answer to the question of why a headache after drinking alcohol.

Let's start with the fact that getting into the human body, spirit-based drinks are absorbed through the digestive tract into the blood and liver.When this The latest reacts for ethanol Stop production glucose, in which so needs cephalic brain.

Secondly, alcohol provokes an increase in the diuretic action that within a couple of hours leads to dehydration.This person feels a sense of thirst.The disadvantage of fluid in the body violates the normal metabolism and ingress of of nutritious elements into the brain, because of what strongly hurts head is with a hangover.

addition to the aforementioned effects of alcohol on the human body should not be forgotten that ethanol contributes to the development of acetaldehyde.This causes vomiting, nausea, palpitations, and migraine.

How to cope with a headache?

To not have an interest in the question of what a hangover pills are most effective, it is better not to drink.But, unfortunately, such a solution to the problem is suitable only to a few.The rest did not stop the severe symptoms of hangover from a few glasses of champagne, beer or more alcoholic beverages.Therefore, focus on the study of drugs that help restore a normal state of health of the morning after the party, still stands.

So, today by pharmacists contributed by several medications for complex treatment of a hangover.The most famous of these are the means "Limontar", "Alkozeltser", "Zoreks", "Antipohmelin", "F-1 X".Any of these drugs can not only remove the outer symptoms of hangover, but also to cope with intoxication.In addition, it should be noted that drugs such as "Limontar" can also be used as a prophylactic measure.In other words, it adopted an hour before the feast pill will lead to the fact that the next day will not have to complain about what a headache after drinking alcohol.

What if the medication was not purchased in advance?It is another question, but it there is a very simple answer.You can use the medicines, which are in almost every home medicine cabinet.It can be as "aspirin", and activated carbon.

treat dehydration

Once we figured out is why a headache after drinking alcohol, it becomes clear that the restoration of water-salt balance helps get rid of the headache.After all, the faster the body will withdraw from dead cells of the cerebral cortex, the faster will be held migraine.

ideal way to combat dehydration is entitled to be called "Regidron."The powder is diluted in a liter of water, it has a salty taste and well quenches thirst.If such a tool at hand was not, you can use the old reliable methods of previous generations.

Traditional methods of treating hangover

Undoubtedly, the best cure for a headache after the party is a restful sleep while the body cope with the cleaning of toxic substances.But if this is not possible and an urgent need to escape, for example, to work, to be taken douches.

quench your thirst and to restore the water-salt balance will help mineral water with lemon, yogurt, ginger tea, fresh citrus juice, which also makes up for the lost supply of potassium during the feast.

But our ancestors were not really thought about the question of how to be treated if a headache after drinking alcohol.What do they know for sure - drinking pickle cucumbers or sauerkraut.


If alcoholic feast is not far off, to properly prepare for it.Firstly, in the pharmacy medicines such as "Limontar" "Alkozeltser" or activated charcoal, and alkaline mineral water with lemon.

Secondly, taking alcohol, do not neglect the food, and better if it is oily.This will slow down the absorption of toxins.In addition, food, alcoholic drinks should drink plenty of fluids.For example, tomato juice.

If you follow these simple rules, will not need to think over the fact why head hurts after of alcohol.A hangover symptoms, even if they appear in the morning, it would be so insignificant that will not disturb the rhythm of life.