How cheese is obtained from 1 liter of milk?

How cheese is obtained from 1 liter of milk?If you do not know the answer to that question, then we will present it in this article.Also, we'll tell you how it is made cottage cheese, milk is a better use for it and so on.


Before you answer the question about how much cheese is obtained from 1 liter of milk, I want to tell you what is this product.

curd called fermented milk product which is made by fermentation of milk (whole, cow) with subsequent removal of the resulting serum.This ingredient is officially classified according to its fat content.According to its physical and chemical indicators of the product may be fat-free, low-fat, classic and bold.

How to make cottage cheese from sour milk?Step by step recipe

in preparing the product in question is no big deal.So do it at home will be able to any hostess.To do this, you need to prepare a sour milk and the necessary equipment.

So, for making cottage cheese take a small saucepan, then pour it sour milk.Then, with the contents of the dishes were placed in a larger container, where the pre-add a little tap water.

Having a water bath, put two pots on the stove and gradually bring the liquid to a boil.When the water between the walls of the dishes starts to boil strongly, should be closely monitored to ensure that the milk is curdled and formed a large white flakes and serum.

To get a delicious cottage cheese from the milk at home, the feedstock is by no means impossible to bring to a boil.If we ignore this advice, you will get rough and dry product that will have an unpleasant taste and consistency.

Once you see that greenish and transparent whey separated, with the contents of the pan should be immediately removed from the board.Then you need to take a large bowl or basin, put a colander on it that you want to cover a multi-layer gauze.It is in it and pour the resulting mass in the pan.

Many housewives are wondering about whether to maintain the serum?Worth.From it out very tasty and tender pancakes.Furthermore, such liquid is often added in okroshka and meat dough and Pyrozhkov.

After all whey drain with a colander, cheesecloth wrapped assembly and suspended over a bowl.A few hours later you have to get a delicious and delicate cheese, which can be immediately used for other purposes.

What kind of milk used for making cottage cheese?

Responding to a question about how much cheese is obtained from 1 liter of milk, one can not tell which is the raw material needed to manufacture such a product.

best option for making delicious homemade cheese serve whole cow's milk.It is desirable to acquire on the market at the villagers.It is only natural beverage maximum fat you get soft and tasty cheese.

As for milk, which is sold in the store, it is rarely used to prepare dairy products.This is due to the fact that in most cases, such a beverage produced from the powder.

How cheese is obtained from 1 liter of milk?

answer to this question is quite difficult.Because the number of the product depends on several factors.However, the main one is the fat content of the feedstock.If the milk is used for making cheese a maximum fat content, the quantity of fermented milk product sure to please you.With regard to drink less fat, then he will make only a small handful of curds.If, however, for the preparation of fermented milk product home you purchased Milk from shops, which were made of dry matter, then it is unlikely you will be able to squeeze out a lot.

So how cheese is obtained from a liter of milk?If you comply with all the requirements of the recipe for the manufacture of this product, with 1000 ml of sour milk you get the maximum fat content of about 250 grams of fresh and tasty cheese.With regard to drink less fat, then you will get out of it about 150 g of a similar product.

For what use?

Now you know how much cheese is obtained from the milk of 1,000 ml.However, it should be noted that these values ​​are arbitrary, as the number of the product depends not only fat feedstock, but other factors (for example, the method of fermentation of milk, its display, etc.).

Why use cottage cheese, cooked at home?It's no secret that a product contains a huge amount of vitamins and macro minerals.It is used for fun (with cream and sugar) and used for the preparation of various cakes.For example, a delicious cottage cheese obtained from cheesecakes, donuts, cheesecake, pancakes, muffins, khachapuri and other products.Further, this milk product often used to prepare the filling.It is made pies, tarts, cakes and pastries.


Now you know how to make cottage cheese from sour milk.We also told you about how much of the product is obtained from 1 liter of the drink.

to make a delicious cottage cheese for the whole family, you should use at least 3000 ml of milk.Only in this case you get enough dairy products, which can not simply be used together with sour cream and used for the preparation of delicious pastries.