Greece: reviews, sights, photo.

wonderful country is Greece.Reviews of tourists coming here from all over the world are always enthusiastic.We invite you to explore the main attractions of this country.They are set, and the majority of them are related, of course, the history of this unique state as Ancient Greece.Reviews have allowed us to highlight attractions that caused the most interest today.

Holidays in Greece in the summer: the weather

Weather - this is an important factor that should be considered when planning your trip.In Greece, warm all year round.Beach lovers from May to October, offers numerous resorts in Greece.Reviews about the rest only positive here.All this time the weather conditions allow you to enjoy a dip in the sea.

In general, the climate of this country is quite pleasant all year round, but in the summer may be too hot.It is very attractive for a holiday in Greece is in June.Reviews suggest that the weather at this time is warm (average temperature is 30 ° C, water - 23 ° C).The hottest period begins in July and lasts until mid-August.Not everyone may like Greece in July.Reviews, however, are different: someone does not interfere with the heat.Note, however, that the air temperature is on average 35 ° C at this time.But as much as the water warms up to 26 ° C!The same temperature conditions has Greece in August.

Reviews who saw with their own eyes the unique architectural monuments of the country, always enthusiastic.It does not affect even the hot weather, after admiring them, you forget about everything.We present our monuments of ancient Greece, which will impress you for sure.


Its acropolis was in every policy, but on the scale none of them is superior to Athens.The capital of Greece is unthinkable without it.He is rightly considered the hallmark of Athens, as well as a real Mecca for visitors here from around the world tourists.

Initially, the Imperial Palace was located on the hill of the Acropolis.But in the 7th century BC.e.It laid the foundation of the first temple - the Parthenon.The main decoration of it was made of gold and ivory statue of Athena, which was taken to Constantinople in the 5th century BC.e., where she was burned in a fire.

Erehteynon no less grandiose.It kept an olive branch.In the temple, in addition to this, there is a sculpture of the Caryatids - six beauties, replacing columns of the Temple, as well as many friezes and mosaics, preserved in some places.

Temple of goddess Nike also stands out among the rest.And located right next to the theater of Dionysos, which staged comedies and dramas of Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus and Aristophanes.

Theater of Dionysus

first tragedy of Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus, Aristophanes and Menander comedies were shown was on the stage of this theater.It is open air and is the oldest in the world of theater, built in the 5th century BC.e.

Initially it was wooden.There were conducted different celebration.There were performances twice a year - at the time of the Great and Lesser Dionysius.During the Great were also theatrical competitions.Competed 3 playwright, each of which set 3 1 satyric tragedy and drama.Also we competed comedy writer.In didaskaloi, special inscriptions record the results.

Only in 330 BC.e.stage and rows of the theater began to stone.It consisted at the time of the 67 series.They both settled down to 17 thousand people, half of Athens.Prior to founding the Acropolis towering stone benches.Today, the remains of the last rows can still be seen.

Theatre also rebuilt by the Romans, who used it for gladiator and circus performances.Just then there was the closing of the 1st series of high rim.

Acropolis of Lindos

Not only the famous Acropolis of Athens Greece.Reviews of tourists visiting the country, suggest the Acropolis of Lindos is also very attractive and interesting.Lindos - a town whose history goes back 3,000 years.In addition to the acropolis, where the ruins of the early Christian church as well as the walls of the knights' castle.The best way to go here in the morning or late in the afternoon, taking with him a supply of water.The fact that from strong sun difficult to hide in this ancient city.

To see all the sights, should pass from the gate to the top of Lindos city.The path is quite long, however, it can be overcome on a donkey.Leading to the acropolis road is very beautiful.Towards vstrchayutsya stone fountains and white houses and taverns where you can taste Greek cuisine.

Acropolis of Athens is the second largest after.It is known that there are still ruins built in the 2nd century BC.e.ancient temple, as well as a stadium and amphitheater Pifeysky oratory.The ruins are scattered throughout the hill of Monte Smith.

Tourists like an acropolis.They are photographed with great pleasure on the steps of the amphitheater at the ancient oratorical tribunes and the stadium.

Mount Olympus

Today, many who want to climb one of the peaks of Mount Olympus.There are only 4: Scola (2912 meters), Mytikas (2918 meters), Stephanie (2905 meters) and Rock (2866 meters).Incidentally, the peak of Stefani is also called the throne of Zeus.Apparently, it is here that God once gave his office.

All Olympic trails are pointers, so the direction is impossible to make a mistake.Optionally, while climbing on foot, since Olympus is surrounded serpentine highway.You can also use the lifts.

Rhodes fortress

Many masterpieces of ancient architecture can offer its guests Greece.Reviews - history buffs - are especially enthusiastic.Many of them admire the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes.It was built in the Middle Ages to protect the island's capital, the city of Rhodes, from the invaders.4 km of its total length, is the longest castle in Europe.Wishes to be in the city center, tourists must pass through 11 gates.Knights of the Middle Ages, this fortress was built on the site of the ancient acropolis.The fortress was impregnable - cannonballs did not take it, just leave potholes.On the lawn, by the way, you can still find great nucleus.Interestingly, in addition to the fortress, and the Palace of the Grand Masters.This old house is decorated with an interesting mosaic floor, and on the promenade watching the walls.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

construction of this temple, the most impressive buildings in the ancient world, was initiated by Peisistratos, the ruler of Athens, long before our era.This lord of the plans were ambitious: building was bound to overshadow all the wonders of the world that existed at the time, including the famous temple of Artemis.Dream Pisistratus, in general, to carry out, but only after his death.

Emperor Hadrian completed the project.Ancient Agora of Athens with his hands has got not one masterpiece of architecture.But time proved relentless.Only the 3rd century temple of Zeus existed (and it was built for 6 centuries).This architectural masterpiece was destroyed by an earthquake.

Today, only ruins remain of the once great temple.But they are quite impressive.The angle of the room, which consisted of 14 columns, is easily visible.A short distance away is another column, and the last, 16th, inundated.Temple of Zeus, originally consisted of more than a hundred Corinthian 17-meter columns, which were located on the perimeter of the building in several rows.The width and length of the room was respectively 40 and 96 meters.

Not much is known about the internal decoration of the temple.It is believed that a huge statue of Zeus occupies almost the entire area of ​​the hall.It was made of ivory and gold.Near the temple is the arch of Hadrian, which is the gateway to the new quarters of the city.


interesting to visit is not only to the mainland, but the island and Greece.Reviews of tourists visiting the island of Crete, can take it to one of the most attractive.One of the most impressive architectural monuments is the palace of Knossos in Crete.Tourist brochures, souvenirs and postcards of the island is decorated with his image.

two periods of the existence of this palace.First - 2000-1700 years BC.e.He called rannedvortsovym period.It was during this time was built, and then, in 1700 BC.e., an earthquake destroyed the palace.At the site of the ruins later Minoans built a new one, and it is this masterpiece pozdnedvortsovogo period architecture can admire today.Minoans civilization at its peak (1700-1450 gg. BC. E.) Achieved in architecture, engineering, technology and remarkable painting skill.Palace of Knossos is a clear evidence of this.

It is the largest of all the Minoans built palaces.Its area - 130h180 m. The palace includes more than 1,000 rooms and rooms for different purposes.It was, in essence, not only the residence of high dignitaries and the king, and the economic and administrative center, which is located around the city of Knossos.

Knossos palace - a maze of the Minotaur?

It is often considered the palace of Knossos labyrinth of the Minotaur, in which lived a terrible monster with a bull's head and a human body, devouring people and strikes fear in the local population.In fact, the palace is huge, and its layout is very confusing.On the walls found labros - a sign of the labyrinth.Perhaps that is why there was this hypothesis.

Lake Vulizmeni

However, Knossos Palace does not end there are on the island of Crete (Greece) sights.Reviews of tourists visiting it, allow to allocate a number of other interesting places.For example, located in the center of Agios Nikolaos Lake Vulizmeni.The most recognizable views of the city is a small narrow strait, which connects the lake with the Gulf Vulizmeni.Rows are built on the shores of its boats and boats, creating a picturesque backdrop for numerous cafes located near the bridge.

beautiful legend associated with this lake.It is, according to it, has no bottom.Of course, the lake it is just very hard to find: it is for their small size is very deep and the bottom is a thick layer of silt.The depth of the lake, with a diameter of 135 m, approximately 65 m.

In another, a beautiful legend, the goddess Athena bathed him.Alas, today, do not advise anyone to swim in this lake: it is very littered.However, there remains from ancient times a tower for diving, and sometimes are willing to try it out.However, water is still very dirty.

Samaria Gorge

This place is rightly proud of Greece.Reviews, photos of Samaria Gorge attract more and more visitors, contributing to the prosperity of the tourism sector of the economy of this country.And no wonder - this is the largest gorge in Europe.It stretches for 18 km.Gorge is located in the prefecture of Chania, on the southwest of Crete.Its name comes from the village of Samaria.Concurrently, the gorge is also a national park with rich flora and fauna.It grows up to 450 species of plants.The village of Samaria is a classic architecture of Crete.There are well preserved old houses, which are home to the park guards.But the people left their seats in the 60-ies of the last century.

unique opportunity to touch history offer tours to Greece.Reviews of tourists visiting the country, allow us to recommend it as a great place to relax.