The red thread on her wrist, why wear it?

few years ago there was a trend of wearing red strings on his arm.Many well-known and public figures on the left wrist could be seen this fetish.Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Ksenia Sobchak, Vera Brezhnev, Britney Spears, Philip, Madonna showed her red rope as proudly as expensive jewelry.By the way, say, that in the domestic show-meringue they are accustomed to the "light hand" Madonna.

Whence came the fashion to wear red strings

For some people, famous people are the standard style and role model.Therefore, many have copied wearing a string on the wrist, particularly without thinking about its meaning.Nevertheless, it is there.Unless, of course, consider it as a talisman.She came into our midst of the Kabbalistic teachings and sacred meaning is.

red thread on her wrist: the significance and meaning

red thread on her wrist left hand is a kind of talisman and amulet from the negative mental effects.In other words, it prevents the penetration of the human energy field from the destructive forces of another person.That is protected from so-called malefice and damage even if they are unintentional.

In esoteric teachings left side also has a sacred meaning.It is believed that it represents the negative side of life: all the negative external influences and bad energy penetrate a person's life through his left arm.In addition, it made to give the right hand and take the left.Especially this applies to the money.Therefore, tied a red thread on the wrist of his left hand to receive items with not "take" bad energy.

Color is also an ulterior motive.Red, as is known, the color head and aggression.In the esoteric context of the red color in the amulet will "scare" the hostile nature of their weapon.

How to wear a thread?

As already mentioned, the thread must be worn on the left arm.Knotted she did not just - committed a ritual.The red thread on her wrist to be mated to a friend, with whom there is a spiritual relationship.At this time, the one who will wear it, should read the prayer Ben Parade, focus on the highest value and avoid at negative thoughts.

tie a string on the first one knot, and then do another 6. Total 7 turns, each of them represents a certain level of spiritual development of man.

Where can I get a red thread?

If a string is needed as a sign accessory, then it can be made of any material is red.For protective talisman thread need to purchase specialized kabbalistskih centers.Initially, these were isolated from a single thread, which surround the tomb of the Jewish matriarch Rachel is the people in the Israeli town of Netivot.Due to the limited access to such a method and numerous comers thread began to sell at the points where there are centers of Kabbalah.

Other values ​​

Far from mysticism and religion of people wearing red strings for health purposes.It argued that tied around the ankle or wrist red woolen rope somehow eliminates the problem of blood flow (thread color as the color of the blood).

Yet they are just because it is fashionable.It seems that the man with the red thread belongs to a certain caste or secret society.

Excursions into folk traditions show that our ancestors without Kabbalah string tied himself from all evil eyes.