Temporary residence: how to make?

Temporary registration may be required in a variety of cases, both foreigners and Russian citizens.Without such an instrument would be difficult to rent a house, get a job, get health care, and so on. D. However, it is simple this procedure - a temporary residence permit?How to do it, and what difficulties may arise - read on.

Legislative base

citizens who decide to change their place of residence or to leave for a long time in another region, need to know three basic normative act: the Law "On freedom of movement, residence and place of stay", "Rules for the registration and de-registrationat the place of residence or stay, "and, of course, the Constitution of the Russian Federation.It should also be borne in mind that the legislation separates the two concepts: the place of residence and place of residence.First - this is the place where people live temporarily, and the second - a permanent place of residence.In addition, a temporary residence permit is done without deregistration of residence.

Legal restrictions

citizens of the Russian Federation should be required to register their temporary stay.However, the right to travel may be restricted by law in the following areas:

  • in the areas of environmental disaster;
  • border area;
  • administrative formations of the closed type;
  • closed cantonments;
  • in certain regions where there is a danger of the spread of infectious diseases;
  • in areas of war or emergency.

temporary registration:

documents to register their place of residence in a particular dwelling, the local migration service need to submit the following documents:

1. Proof of identity:

  • internal passport;
  • for persons under 14 years served the birth certificate;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (in the case of residence registration of Russian citizens permanently residing abroad);
  • passport of USSR (very rare).

2. The application for residence registration (form number 1).It should be noted that such a statement should be signed not only by the applicant but also the owner of the property where a citizen will reside.Thus, his signature will confirm the agreement to check-in at the apartment (house) a particular person.

3. The document which is the basis for the specific use of residential premises.In particular, a temporary residence permit is possible if the owner has a certificate of registration authority on premises, a contract of employment (sublease) agreement of social hiring, and so on. D. At the same time, if the owner has a certificate of ownership or tenancy agreement,the statement simply provide their details.

4. If the applicant has to provide a contract of employment or the free use of the shelter, the signature of the owner of the apartment (house) in the application for registration is not required.

some nuances registration

If between the owner or tenant of property not concluded a contract of employment or free use, the residence permit (temporary registration) for a non-resident will only be possible with the personal presence of the owner of property.At itself it must have an internal passport (or other identification document) and a document confirming his right to this accommodation.

If the room is in the ownership of several persons, then this requirement will apply to all persons.If the stock has a house register, it is also available in the FMS.If registration place of residence will be made in the municipal housing or public housing, in addition to the application of the employer is required to get permission from all tenants who live with him.

saktsentirovat should also note that the officials who are responsible for the registration, can not refuse to accept the application for a temporary residence permit.In addition, a statement can be accessed by mail or through the Internet.Omissions or acts of employees of the FMS can be appealed to a superior organization.

Terms procedures

important to take into account the period of temporary residence.Firstly, it should be noted that the citizen must go through the procedure of temporary registration within 90 days of arrival in the other region.The period of registration is determined by agreement with:

  • owner of the premises;
  • leadership of housing cooperatives (if its members are not full owners of the premises);
  • employers and living together with their tenants (for the houses of the municipal and state funds).

All of these issues, it is desirable to find out in advance to all who need a temporary residence permit.How to make it to the required time?Quite simply, its term is defined only on the basis of a voluntary agreement between the applicant and the owner (owner, user).

Sometimes in practice divisions FMS officials illegally restrict the term of temporary registration, for example, the 5-year interval.In such cases it is necessary to refer to the Administrative Regulations (namely, n. 56) and to insist on a temporary residence permit for a longer period (if that, of course, there is a need).

After the temporary registration document (without a permanent residence permit) issued the passport department of the Federal Migration Service within 6 days.This period is increased to 8 days, if the applicant did not provide evidence of the right to ownership of property or social tenancy agreement, but only have their details in a statement.

Temporary stay of children

Temporary registration of children only at the place of residence of parents and must be registered regardless of the consent of the persons who live in residential areas of municipal or state fund.If you need a temporary residence permit for the child, in the division of the Federal Migration Service should apply:

  • passport (another identity document), parents (adoptive parents);
  • child's birth certificate.

data about citizens who are under 14 years old are included in the alphabetical card or parents in every apartment (houses) book.Persons 14 to 16 years of age shall be issued a certificate of registration of temporary residence.

Temporary registration in other rooms

For those who have settled temporarily in another room, a simplified temporary residence permit.How to do it, for example, a hotel, a hospital, a boarding house?It's enough to present a passport and fill out a questionnaire on arrival in the administration of these institutions.Further, all steps for the registration of a citizen will make Officials hotels, rest homes, boarding houses, and so on. D.

Residence permit

military servicemen registered in the temporary place of residence on the general grounds.However, there are exceptions to these rules.Pass this procedure is not necessary: ​​

  • sailors, soldiers, officers and non-commissioned officers who are serving at the call;
  • if there is a military traveling certificate or selling a ticket.

officers, contractors and their families before getting registered at the location of housing units.

Register immigrants

get a temporary residence permit for a temporary settlement is possible only after the direction of the citizens in the FMS or department for Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs a petition for recognition of internally displaced persons.After giving them the status of registration at the new place of residence is carried on a common basis.

Residence in the capital

Temporary registration in Moscow and the Moscow region's going to assume its own nuances.The benefits of obtaining a temporary home in the capital city are obvious: citizens and foreigners will be able to find a high-paying job, to issue a driver's license, to issue the documents to the opening of your business, get in line for housing, to receive medical care.

temporary registration in Moscow also allows you to issue a passport.However, it should be remembered that its action will end after deregistration of the place of residence.If you have a registration for a certain period, you can order the design of their own passport.If there

desk will even take out a loan at the bank.Many financial institutions are allowed to issue a loan, if the payer is registered in the region of the bank.

To order Moscow time registration, you need to contact the authorities of the Federal Migration Service or the passport offices.The certificate, which is given for temporary registration in Moscow, also issued in these institutions.Contradict the documents is the same as for registration in other regions.

Result clearance

If an alien or a citizen of the Russian Federation the right to provide all necessary papers, he must issue a certificate of residence registration at a particular address.It should give no later than the next day after your registration.

applicant at the request may also require employees FMS send this certificate at his place of residence by mail.

emphasizing that the temporary registration in Moscow and other regions is done without removal from the register at the place of permanent residence.However, to get a place of temporary residence can and persons whose permanent residence there.In this case, they will receive a temporary residence permit in the same way as those who have it.

Price question

The law provides that a temporary residence permit is issued free of charge.You do not need to pay any fees or cover any other costs.The owner (employer) under the law, too, can not claim a settler any fees for the registration of his apartment (house).

All documents that must be filled for the issuance of a temporary certificate of registration shall be filled by officials free.

turns out that any funds to spend on registration is not necessary.Unfortunately, not all citizens know that they do not need to pay for such a procedure, as a temporary residence permit.How much does this service from different companies - a complex question, on average, the price for such a strain for many companies ranging from 6,000 for the registration of six months and 12 thousand rubles for a residence permit for a year.Remember that many companies very often offer a supposedly legitimate registration.But in fact, their work is usually reduced to mediate between corrupt officials and trusting citizens.In such cases, a temporary residence permit is fraught with negative consequences in the near future.

loss of evidence

If a person has lost a certificate of provisional registration, no need to think that it is deadly.Out of this unpleasant situation provided for in the Administrative Regulations.

To obtain residence registration again, you must apply to the same department of the Federal Migration Service, who designed the original and your testimony.Officials service you will be given a copy and put it on the old registration number.Moreover, no sanctions or penalties for the loss of the document is not provided.

Conclusions We hope that in this article you will find comprehensive information on this procedure, a temporary residence permit.How to do it, what documents are needed, how to obtain the consent of the owner, especially for the registration of certain categories of persons, the timing of receipt of the certificate of the temporary seat of the exceptions and limitations we are found in full.In general, if you strictly adhere to the law, special problems in its design should arise.

And remember: in the absence of a temporary residence permit administrative responsibility.And in general, without a temporary registration will be very difficult in the new location.You will lose a number of benefits such as getting a job, passport, driving license, credit and other privileges.No registration of temporary residence will be impossible to refer to a clinic, register a car, have a child in kindergarten, school and so on. D. As you know, the temporary residence permit is needed first and foremost in your best interest, so do not ignore this legal requirement.