As pets react to the approach of the earthquake and what is the reaction of wild animals?

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Scientists have long engaged in conduct of various animals before an earthquake.He worries researchers around the world.Such interest is fixed before our era (328).Ancient scholars wrote that five days before the terrible earthquake in the Greek city Gelikos affection and moles, centipedes and vipers left their holes, and fled.

Despite this, for a long time an unusual animal behavior before the earthquake has not been studied by scientists.Actively seized of the matter began in the early XX century.

As pets react to the approach of the earthquake

Do not be surprised, but perhaps in your house lives a living light earthquakes.Of course, we will focus on our pets.Somebody is a dog or a cat, someone cute hamsters or turtles leisurely.Many prefer to watch the tropical fish and fun parrots.Sometimes, neither the owner of the animal or an experienced zoologist unable to explain some of the actions and deeds of pets.

sometimes animal behavior out of the ordinary, and it seems to us, are without apparent reason.It is possible your pet felt the approach of the beginning of the aftershocks and wants to warn you about this.

The behavior of animals before the earthquake in seismically dangerous areas for a long time the owners began to pay attention.After the earthquake the people recalled that their pets fed them a sign.For example, usually quiet dog starts to rush and do not find a place, in every way trying to leave the room, or a mouse suddenly leave the barn together.Many animals before the earthquake exhibit unusual activity.For example, snakes come out to the surface in an odd hour.

How to recognize a tone

Supervisory and attentive people will definitely notice that the behavior of animals before the earthquake changed.But it should be noted that not all of our four-legged friends have abilities seysmoindikatorov.Moreover, even the different individuals of the same species are often endowed with different abilities.Identify the behavior of the animal's something special that may be indicative of seismic unrest, it is possible only after a careful and long observation of them.

Animals and earthquake

observations of animal behavior has led to such areas of science as seysmobiologiya and bioseysmologiya.Scientists around the world are trying to solve one of the great mysteries of nature - the possibility of living beings to anticipate the approach of danger.

Arguing about how to respond to the earthquake pets, you must familiarize yourself with the examples, which tell the survivors of this natural phenomenon.

In September 1927, in the Crimea for 12 hours before the aftershocks cows refused to feed and become anxious moo, horses rushed to the leash, dogs and cats clung to the owners and howling, meowing.

Ashgabat (1948) on the horse farm animal behavior before the earthquake was more violent.Horses knocked the stable door and escape.Two hours later the building collapsed from the quake.

Laika Alice

This dog became famous after the Spitak earthquake.December 7 A. Gharibyan with her favorite came on an ordinary walk.It was in the city of Leninakan.Back to the house Alice refused to return.She howled and barked.Terrified the owner called the police, on the radio, in the City Council, but never his message is not taken seriously.

Gharibyan decided to play it safe and brought his family out of the house.What does he recommend to make the neighbors.It was at that time an element.His savior Gharibyan brought to Kamchatka, where he lived for many years.

Talking about how to react to the approach of pets earthquake, it should be noted that in Chile in 1835, every single dog left the city Talkuano.

Before the start of the tremors in the Italian province of Friuli (in 1976), all cats carried out of the house of their kittens.

12 hours before the earthquake in Morocco (1980) cats and dogs began to leave their homes.And even camels, indifferent to everything in a hurry to leave the settlements.

As pets react to the approach of the earthquake, interested scientists since 1975 successfully predicted earthquake in Liaoning Province (China), largely based on the unusual and the strange behavior of animals.From underground burrows crawled snake, awakened GRT sleep and pets in a hurry to leave their homes.It was decided to evacuate the residents of Haicheng.Soon the town was razed to the ground by the strongest earthquake.Accurate forecast and timely actions by the authorities have helped reduce the number of casualties to a minimum.

In 1976, scientists in the United States gathered to discuss the possibility of bioprognoza earthquakes.Representatives of science have recognized that this phenomenon needs to be studied more carefully.

behavior of animals in the wild

Watching the amphibians, researchers found that male frogs in the city of L'Aquila in the five days prior to the earthquake immediately left the spawning grounds, and returned there after a few days after everything calmed down.Scientists have not yet managed to explain this behavior of animals before an earthquake.It is known that the frogs are very susceptible to weather extremes, but no weather stations did not record changes in the weather before the quake.


According to the researchers, the most sensitive seismographs considered live crocodiles.They do not miss a natural anomaly.For five hours before the devastating earthquake on the island of Honshu alligators began to emit a loud sound that closely resembled a growl, they lifted up their heads and tails.Agree, is not typical behavior of animals in the earthquake can not go unnoticed.

Crocodiles are able to feel the approaching earthquake 150 km from the epicenter.

Sharks and fish

Scientists believe that the ability to predict abnormal natural phenomena have more than 600 species of animals.Endowed with them and sharks.Any changes in the atmospheric pressure impact on the water pressure, which in turn affects the behavior of the above inhabitants depths.

phenomenal "seismic" intuition endowed with very little fish called the Nile elephant.In the mountainous Pamir mounted aquarium with these creatures that four days before the earthquake begin to behave restlessly.

There is a scientific theory that demersal fish seismically sensitive.

behavior of other animals

Mountain goats down from the ridges of the plains a few days prior to the quake.From forests leave wolves and foxes.Marmots, even Lying on hibernation, the day before the disaster wake up and leave their burrows.As you can see, the behavior of animals in the earthquake reduced to a desire to leave the territory of the seismic disturbance.

on the Indonesian island of Sumatra earthquake the night before with the mountains thirty elephants.They lined up, without touching either of crops or buildings.The mighty animal just stood and watched the doomed village and then turned and disappeared into the jungle.Today, the inhabitants of the destroyed villages believe that the animals had warned them of the danger, but it is not understood by people.

in California (USA), where the most destructive earthquakes, placed cells in mice and rats.They were watching the latest electronic devices.At the slightest change in animal behavior signal is sent to the experts of the Center seismography.

Today we tell you how to react to the approach of pets earthquake.Perhaps if you carefully watch your pets, you can avoid many of the problems that we can give nature.