A successful solution: tarot cards on the relations

From ancient times to the present day lovers resorted to divination to check sympathy and feelings of their loved ones.This is a problem that has been, is and will be, it will never be resolved, doubt will take precedence over pragmatism, and tortured love suffering will always seek solace.But in order not to torment his heart, hoping and worrying, it is better to turn to a perfect assistant - cards.

Divination - the key to happiness

Cards never cheat and do not point the wrong way.They say only the truth, unless, of course, guessed that he wants.In addition, there are certain rules, the violation of which no good will not.Ghada just do not get any result.For example, to tell fortunes strictly prohibited too often, and ask the same questions at each session.Very often, beginners choose unchallenging fortuneteller tarot cards on the relations.The higher the experience, the more necessary to complicate the task, giving preference to the most interesting alignment of.It helps beginners get started in the mystical craft and learn how not to make mistakes and do not give incorrect judgments.

Prepare cards before the session

For the effective conduct of the session, as the tarot cards on the relations, it is recommended to use the newly acquired card.They are not charged someone's energy and will belong only to you.Hold the deck in your hands.Think of a card indicating you and your chosen one.Your card can be as follows: the girl - queen of diamonds, a woman - a lady of hearts or Phillips.For the chosen rules are the same, only half - men, and the suit should be different from the one you have chosen for themselves.And then the tarot cards at the relationship continues, depending on the layout.Most important: If you start a fortune teller, do not take seriously the fact that the card will say, t. To. For this level too little experience, and it is unknown whether all went well.

Playing cards

There are many effective ways to deal for divination by playing cards in the relationship.One of them is as follows.We mix the deck and represents the object of divination.Put a card in the middle - a description of the situation, 3 cards left - it was his feelings, 3 cards right - it's your feelings and thoughts and 3 cards indicating what we should expect from the relationship.Suit of hearts - this is love, than its bigger, the better for you.Pick - a problem.Ladies and kings speak of treason.If there is a jack, it is said that the object of divination thinking about someone, but not you.All the bad card means one thing - the opponent is, and he intervened.The only thing that can save them from premature conclusions as this queen of diamonds close to your husband.Although it is also insidious and can be very bad cards - namely, a woman who is also seeking your spouse.This cartomancy relations very interesting and covers it, as a rule, 3-4 next month.

Three cards

Guessing on the three cards on the relations - one of the most difficult.In order to draw the right conclusions from the results, you need to carefully consider the value of each card in each suit.The process is fairly simple, but requires special attention.Before should hold the cards in the hands of a few minutes to charge them with their energy.The process consists of several stages.Cartomancy relations, and even more so on the three cards must be accompanied by a constant awareness of the purpose for which, in fact, held a session.The balance on the three cards is that they spread horizontally face down to each stack was three cards.Continue until you come out of the deck and enjoy the Queen of the King (before you need to select them).Then we do a few calculations and start guessing.Incidentally, the card should not spread evenly in a row, and the fan-shaped.


most commonly used tarot cards, tarot relationship with which is very effective.There are many layouts.Each of them speaks about specific feelings, relationships, material and spiritual wealth.First you need to choose the object of divination, and think about it throughout the process.Thus, the alignment of "gate".He talks about the relationship with this or that object.It is necessary to expand the map.First - it's you.It indicates your position in relationships with people, and also your feelings.The second map (left column) - your hopes.It's your vision and perception.The third map (right column) - fear.It indicates what you fear and beware.The fourth card - is the architrave, that is responsible.It is talking about how these relationships are important to you and your partner.The fifth card - a castle.He refers to the object of your fortune-telling, and his attitude toward you.The sixth card - key.It gives advice on how to build a relationship.The seventh card - says about the future and about how to solve problems.