As far as the second pension in demand for military pensioners in Russia?

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few years ago, in the legal system of the Russian Federation adopted a bill, which provides for additional payments of pension contributions for certain categories of military pensioners.The news was received by our fellow countrymen with great joy, but apart from that, he has created a number of difficulties, as the second pension to retired military personnel was provided only in certain cases.After approval and legal approval of the new social program in the department of social protection of the population poured a large flow of retirees who would like to learn more about who is it that has the right to priority registration of additional benefits.And as an extra pension to retirees is a very substantial assistance from our country, the social services are having long queues as people come a lot.So here's what a new bill.

First of all, it realizes the rights to additional financial assistance from the state and disabled veterans of combat operations, as well as persons who have government awards different degrees.These citizens in addition to old-age pension, will now receive a supplementary pension for years of service and disability.The fact that before the adoption of this draft law a person could get one of these pensions, and now, thanks to an additional payment of social status of vulnerable people has increased significantly.

Financial assistance to military pensioners, who do not fall into this category is possible only in case when the pension threshold (for men it is 60 years for women - 55 years) such person has no less than 5 years of employment of the official time "oncitizen. "That is, if in the course of his service in the army or security agencies such as the Federal Security Service, the police, special units and other persons officially earned in the civil sphere.And as a person to deduct a certain percentage of the pension fund according to the law of the general pension insurance, he now has the right to social security is optional as the second pension to retired military personnel.

Modern conditions of appointment of any pension in the country include three main parts: the base, insurance and funded.The whole system operates through clear relationship between all its constituent parts, most of which play a role in the amount of contributions.The new law, which has the coding number 156-FZ, enshrines the right of non-working pensioners additional benefits through insurance contributions, of which, in fact, formed the second pension to retired military personnel.It is noteworthy that some citizens additional pension can be issued before reaching retirement age, which also contributes to the social protection of our population.

should also be emphasized that all citizens, to connect his life to service in the uniformed services are at greater risk for health as a psycho-physiological and physical, and therefore the state, and adjusts them to the appropriate benefits.It is also important to understand that our country, despite the lack of economic development, continues to pursue a policy of gradual strengthening of social protection of the population focus.Proof of this are the relevant laws and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation.Second pension for retired military personnel is extremely important because it not only helps our elderly compatriots survive difficult times of economic formation of the state, but also demonstrates the young people that the country should never forget all those who have served it faithfully for many years.It is hoped that in the near future, the size of all financial payments to pensioners will only increase in proportion to inflation and living conditions gradually improve.