Area Eurasia.

biggest continent of the planet Earth is Eurasia.It consists of two parts, the conventional boundary between them passes through the Ural Mountains, Emba, Caspian and Black Seas, the Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula.It is worth noting that the area of ​​Eurasia impresses with its size.It is here that is located the deepest depression of land and the highest peak of the Earth.Here you can meet absolutely all types of soil and climate, since the rainforest and ending with the northern arctic desert.Eurasia is the only continent in the world, which are connected with the river basins of all oceans.Their food in different parts of the continent different: rain, snow, dirt and ice according to the climatic conditions and other factors.

Description Eurasia

most large and complex mainland is Eurasia.It is most often associated with America and Africa.Between these continents are often different deal.For its size, it occupies the first place.The area of ​​Eurasia is nearly 53.9 million km2.Oceans, washing it from all sides, have a particular impact on the climate, filling it with specific natural features.The relief on the continent is very diverse.You can find both lowland and large hill on which stand the whole country.Due to the fact that they create a kind of lattice, Eurasia is full of numerous hollows.These factors greatly influence the formation of the climate, and the entire water network.

States of Eurasia

Almost all the countries of Eurasia are independent.And some of them still occupy leading positions worldwide in their influence and power.

Europe is an important part of the continent.She gave the world talented artists Raphael and Michelangelo, Shakespeare and Cervantes writers, poets Shevchenko and Byron travelers Magellan and Columbus, Copernicus and Newton, scientists, composers Verdi and Gounod, and the actors Bernard Shchepkina singers Caruso and Krushelnytska.We can say that in terms of science and art of Europe has opened for many of the world.

In Asia, there are the rich countries of the Persian Gulf and Brunei, who were able to build their economies thanks to oil, Japan, which has become an example for the whole world because of the very rapid growth of the economy.Israel is distinguished by the fact that with the help of advanced technology could transform the desert into a blooming garden.

Russian Federation

Russia globally ranks second on the power of the army.In Central Asia, it controls several countries, is composed of 22 republics.It should be the first place in the population of the territory on the mainland of Eurasia.The geography of the country is also quite interesting because of the enormous extent of the state.Due to these facts, Russia has all chances not only to prevent any interference by other countries in politics, economy and finances, but also become the most powerful nation of the world.Large areas of Eurasia takes is the Russian Federation.


This power is part of the United Nations and is the fifth in the world powerful nation.She could easily have an impact on many African countries.It must be said that France is a nuclear country.She has a powerful army and a well-developed economy.Hallmark of this state are its attractions, advances in science, technology, culture and gastronomy.Ever since ancient times, France made it clear that it is a magnificent country that always seeks only to new.

PRC (China)

impossible to remain silent and not to talk about such a great power like China.For nearly 2,000 years the Republic is the leader in terms of population in the world.China is the birthplace of silk, pen, compass, gunpowder.China occupies a large area of ​​Eurasia after Russia (third in the world, the second - in Asia).Its industrial development at the highest level and have been exported to almost every country in the world.It is a truly powerful country, which has a strong and numerous army with good weapons.China has nuclear weapons and the development of the economy, so its membership in the UN rather weighty and can greatly influence the decisions of the organization.


This state is the most stable, it is also included in the United Nations and the European Union.It is a leader in the field of music, film and reserves the first place in world politics.It has nuclear weapons and is exporting capital on a large enough scale.It consists of four well-developed country: Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.Thanks to this union in the UK is well developed industry and it is a powerful state.

addition to these leading countries of Eurasia can also be called Italy, Poland, Belarus, Germany, Japan and India.

as a continent of Eurasia holds a sufficient number of places on the planet Earth.It is home to more than five billion people, which is a rather big amount.Area Eurasia surprises.

Of course, most of the mainland covers Asia, Europe, in turn, took himself only fifth.Country connecting these two parts - the Russian Federation, its well-being is ensured by its advantageous location.She is the undisputed leader in the area of ​​the continent.Also, many of the countries of Eurasia are sufficiently powerful and influential in the world.