What types of arrows for the eyes there

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Each person has an individual feature of the age structure.In nature there is the same eye color, the shape, the position on the face.Makeup application technique for each type of eyes adjusted individually.There are various kinds of arrows eye: elongated, short, thin line with a wide end, with a bulge in the liner, the center of the century, and so on.In order to visually closer to the ideal shape of the eyes, you must use the makeup of its type.Types podvodok eye, which represent a wide range to choose from manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, and provides clear, contrasting lines.With their help, you can easily create a variety of images and mask small defects appearance.

Makeup for different types of eye

Arrows to create a make-up emphasis on the eyelids.That is why the design of the lash line of makeup products - a great opportunity to correct their shape.Different types of arrows for the eyes to help create the perfect make-up, regardless of the features of their structure.For close-set eyes need to draw arrows from the outside corner and ending just below the middle of the eye.Hand makes elongated, with a subtle beginning and a thickened end.This method of visual correction take away his eyes from each other.If the distance between the eyes large, the aim of applying eyeliner will bring them.

begins to draw an arrow goes from the inner corner of the century, continuing the ciliary edge to the nose.Finish the arrow must be before the end of the lash line on the outer edge of the eye.To make the almond-shaped eyes round, to pull them from the arrows.To do this, draw a loop around the lid and pull the outer corner to the temporal region.Make narrow eyes wider help arrow with a thickening in the middle of the century.

Begin to draw a thin line from the beginning to the end of the ciliary edge, and then spend a few lines in the center of the eye, gradually reducing them to the edges.Thus, in the middle of the lash line is thickening, which visually extend the eyes.Lengthening the arrow keys to this type should not be done.For a century, with drooping corners need to use the arrow types for the eyes, which raise the upper lash line growth at the outer edge.The arrow for the century which hangs, is made in two stages.First you need to close your eyes and draw the outline arrows, checking all the proportions, opening his eyes.And then the whole area, defined contours, filled with liner.The arrow at the closed-century should look like an elongated diamond.This allows you to view it visually hide the overhang of the upper eyelid.

the eyes, close to the ideal, it is possible to use all available and you invented types of arrows.For the eyes of regular shape is easy to pick the form liner.It can be both thin and thick lines, elongated or thickened, slightly emphasizing the ciliary edge or clearly and contrast between the shape of the eye.Depending on the occasion and your fantasies, you can combine different types of makeup arrows.Pick of makeup for eyeliner, which is ideally suited exactly for your type of make-up and use them with pleasure!