How to define your tsvetotip appearance?

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Every human nature has endowed a certain color, which is characterized by the color of eyes, hair, lips and skin.Features a combination of these colors make tsvetotip appearance.The first theory was formulated tsvetotip Johannes Itten, a Swiss artist.According to it, people are divided into four types, corresponding to the seasons: "Spring", "Summer", "Winter", "Autumn".Spring and autumn are dominated by warm colors, and in the summer and winter - cold.The differences in the range of warm or cold colors are determined by the color contrast.For example, winter blue more saturated, beads, bright, muted rather than years.The knowledge of this theory can be useful in creating an individual image of the elegant, the choice of cosmetics and clothing.

Determine tsvetotip appearance can own, through a series of observations.First you need to figure out what tone prevails in your natural coloring: warm or cold.This will help in colored paper or tissue specific shades.The first sample should be cold (blue and pink).Second - warm (yellow-salmon-pink).In daylight alternately hold the samples to the hands and face.If the fabric

cold tone makes the skin pale, bluish lips and a "warm" model skin looks fresh and healthy, then your tsvetotip appearance - spring or autumn.
If your skin becomes fresh with bluish-pink fabric and a yellowish salmon makes a person tired and highlights circles under your eyes, then you belong to the summer or winter tsvetotipu appearance.

defined the tone remains to determine its contrast.Among the spring dominated by yellow colors.His cheerful paint different brightness.Autumn range is based on the red, hence the colors are more saturated, heavy, contrasting earthy.For summer is characterized by shades of light, blurred, muted blue undertone.In winter colors also dominated the blue, but it is more bright and clear.

If your tsvetotip appearance of spring - you palely, transparent skin, a warm peach blush, golden hair color.Pick clothes warm, soft pink and pastel shades.Avoid dark and dazzling whites.
Summer tsvetotip appearance are people with ashen or Light Brown hair color, fair skin with olive or pink tint, blue, gray-green eyes.They are encouraged to use blue, violet, plum, raspberry, pink color.Black and gray tone is better to exclude.

Autumn tsvetotip have people with red hair, brown, green, gray-blue eyes, ivory skin.Their main range of clothes should be provided with warm colors: yellow-brown, apricot, brick, orange and khaki.

Winter tsvetotip appearance presented dark-eyed and dark-haired people with light (sometimes a bit dark) skin.They will approach the cold, but saturated colors, all shades of pink, black and white.