Government Financial Management

financial management system in modern conditions is essential for its development and operation.The system and controls the finances, existing in Russia, formed in the process of reforms in the transition from centrally planned to a market economy model.

essence and methods of financial management is to ensure that the market economy needs a well-functioning financial system and a regulated financial market, which directly determine the conditions for the development of the real economy.In this regard, financial management determines the proportion of the material, the distribution of tangible and intangible resources, impact on the restructuring and determine the welfare of the population.

leading role in the regulation of financial market conditions plays a State acting exclusively market methods.This system is of great importance the autonomy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in conducting monetary policy, as well as the presence of such institutions as insurance companies, commercial banks, investment funds and other types of financial institutions.

essence and methods of financial management manifested in such general and uniform methods inherent to all aspects of financial relations as financial forecasting, planning, management, regulation and control.

Modern financial controls are a set of tools, measures institutions to ensure stable operation of the system of finance.

Financial management is carried out by administrative personnel. supreme bodies of financial management (President, Presidential Administration, Government, Federal Assembly) provide overall financial management.

President Administration and regulate all the activities of financial agencies to regulate the financial legislation, signed by the laws of the country's budget.

Federal Assembly shall consider and approve the draft budget of the Russian Federation and the financial laws.

The Russian government is the single point of financial management, creates a federal budget, developing a policy framework in the field of finance.

Current financial management conducted by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation .Its main task is the development of the national financial, monetary and credit policy, and the policy of accounting, auditing activities, mining, processing of precious metals and stones, the nature of customs payments.In this regard, the main functions of the Ministry of Finance are: project development budget of the Russian Federation;forecasting and planning the execution of the budget;financial control fiscal sphere;improvement of methods of budget financing;management of public debt of the Russian Federation;issuance of government securities;coordination of monetary and fiscal policy.

an important part of financial management - a financial control.In Russia, at the federal level supervisory authorities of financial management presented by the Department of the state financial control and audit of the Accounts Chamber of the Federal Treasury and its subordinate bodies in the individual subjects of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Taxes and Duties, Audit Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, Central Bank, the Federal Service for Supervision of activities in the field of insurance, the State Customs Committee, the Federal Service for finrynkam, the Federal Service for financial monitoring, the Federal Service of fiscal supervision.

At the local level representative bodies make their own decisions on the local budget and its execution, as well as other issues of a financial nature relating to their jurisdiction.The executive bodies of local authorities responsible for the development of municipal finpolitiki.