Cartomancy Lenormand all

What Lenormand cards and how they wonder?Let's learn about the history of their appearance and layout of several ways.

history cards

Cartomancy Lenormand - an interesting exercise, but what do they actually represent?In fact, it is nothing like the well-known throughout the tarot cards.The name they got thanks to the famous Sage Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand who lived in France in the 16th century.Really enjoyed sorceress ordinary cards, but the interpretation was made on the basis of rules Eteylly best friend.However, Lenormand and did not create those same cards that now bear her name.They appeared after her death.What's the matter?Lenormand strongly supported the idea of ​​the famous Flemish painter and a fortune teller Erna Drusbeke, which drew now known tarot cards, giving them the name in honor of the French.Cartomancy Lenormand made using 36 cards depicted in the drawings are symbolic.After a time, the Tarot, of course, have changed, their last renovation was in the end of the last century, and now there are thousands of possible variants of the image, but the interpretation remains unchanged.We offer you several options Cartomancy Lenormand, classifications are listed below.

«Four cards" and "Cross»

Alignment "Four cards" is used, when they want to get the answer to any question.This is one of the most simple layouts, in which three cards are placed in a row, and the fourth - at the bottom middle.The interpretation takes place in view of the adjacent map.

Alignment "Cross" not only helps answer the question, but also to find a way to solve problems.The deck is shuffled, and then pulled out without looking at the four Tarot, laying of them cross.Fifth placed in the middle in the beginning.If you are wondering woman - a map of the "Lady" when the man - "Gentleman".The top card of the cross represents the past, the map on the left - the ability to solve problems, to the right - the plans, and the lower - the result, which is expected to realizing the plans and suggest possible using.

The balance of 36 cards, or "Gypsy»

Cartomancy Lenormand possible and using all the cards.This alignment will help to know the future for a sufficiently long period of time.Spread should be in a certain sequence face down.It is better to have on hand a scheme to avoid confusion.It can be found in specialized books of divination, as well as in the instructions, which is often sold together with the cards.The value of cards when Lenormand divination "Gypsy alignment" is revealed in stages.Open turns cards listed below, and find out their future.Each unit refers to the following:

- card number 19, 21, 35 - present;

- card number 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 - feelings;

- card number 13, 15, 20 - the family;

- card number 14, 16, 30 - a profession;

- card number 20, 22, 36 - destiny.

Among all cards need to find a person.For men it is "Cavalier" for women - 'Lady.To interpret the value should be based on the fact, in what box the card is located.If the personal card was not among the open, open all other series and look desired.

basic rules

Cartomancy Lenormand, despite its simplicity, requires adherence to certain rules.First, the cards are not like other people's hands, and it means that the fortune-teller should have their own deck, which should not be transmitted to anyone.And, secondly, to the interpretation to be very clear to pay attention not only on the location of the card, but also on their neighborhood.It is the map, which lies nearby, as well as its position (inverted or not) will give the most truthful answer.Nor should we ignore the position of the personal card, which is the main divination.It was from its location and depends on the outcome.