A healthy diet for teenagers: 6 basic principles

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Adolescence is characterized by rapid growth and development, so it is very important that during this phase of the woman to follow a healthy diet.The main component of food should be rich in fiber foods, or at a later age is sure to affect the state of health.

Dairy products, eggs and meat - the product group is approximately 20% in the diet of a young girl, the rest falls on the share of fruits, vegetables and grains.

teenager enough to eat three times a day.Moreover, the most important meal is considered to be breakfast, which not only energizes the whole day, but also affects the emotional state.

Teens quickly get used snacking "delicacies" that offer a variety of snacks, such as fast food.This food fills quickly, but no benefit.This meal should not become part of the daily diet, you can "indulge" themselves only occasionally.Junk food (hot dogs, hamburgers, fried crisp) is rich in fat and often attracts teenagers.However, for reasons of common sense, the best snack of fresh fruit.Similarly, a craze among young people have become non-alcoholic beverages, as a rule, high-calorie.From the same motives, it is desirable to replace them with fruit juices, or other more healthy drink.

salt and sugar in excessive amounts can be very harmful to health.To give food rich flavors better to use fresh herbs, spices and spices instead of salt.Sweets in moderation has no harm to anyone, but abuse can lead to tooth decay, increased levels of total cholesterol, cause drowsiness and decreased activity.

The following are some recommendations for a healthy balanced diet during adolescence

1. Eating meat - no more than twice a week.Moreover, the amount of red meat is better to cut - it contains more cholesterol.The best for the youth of the body is 3-4 eggs per week.

2. Milk - a rich source of many vital nutrients.But for the better health of adolescents enter into the diet of low-fat milk instead of whole.

3. It is well known how beneficial fruits and vegetables, so the following statement, "We - what we eat" - it is desirable to use fresh fruits and vegetables every day, adding to each of their food intake.Make a habit of drinking a glass of juice in the morning and eat lunch bowl of vegetable soup.

4. Oatmeal, cereal, a variety of cereals - a good start to the day.Add to this the nuts, fresh or dried fruit and you have a healthy energy breakfast.

5. soups legumes (especially black beans, lentils), vegetarian sandwiches, burgers or pizza make up a full dinner.

6. Pasta, vegetables or chicken - an option for a healthy dinner.

Any discussion of a balanced diet can not end without mentioning the water.It is necessary to drink 1-2 liters daily - it promotes natural cleansing of the body, improves digestion.

To add nutrition moderate exercise, mindful of the fact that together they are the terms of your health and longevity!

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