How to cook lasagna house quickly?

traditional recipe of many famous dishes are often passed down from generation to generation.Talking about how to cook at home lasagna, it is worth noting that the process is quite simple.So, you will need:

- 0,45 kilos is not very spicy smoked sausages (without shell);

- 0,45 kilograms of ricotta cheese or cottage cheese;

- 0,45 kilograms of mozzarella cheese;

- 1 large jar of chopped canned mushrooms;

- cakes for lasagna or thin pita bread;

- 2 small or 1 large jar of any spaghetti sauce;

- Parmesan cheese.

How to cook lasagna at home?Recipe next

Mix sausage, cheese (or ricotta cheese), mozzarella cheese and mushrooms in a large bowl.Divide the mixture into three parts.Grease the pan with high edges of a small amount of vegetable oil.Place 1 cake or one layer on the bottom of the pita, spread on top of about a third of the sauce.Cover with another layer of dough, and so that the sauce was fully closed.Add 1/3 mixture of sausage and cheese.Repeat this a few times so that the final layer c

onsisted of sausage and cheese.Cover this layer of cake and distribute it to the last third of the sauce.Sprinkle with grated Parmesan resulting lasagna.Cover with foil.

How to cook lasagna in the oven at home?Baking Dish

should bake 40 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees.Then remove the top foil and place in oven for another five minutes until the cheese does not become brown.The cooking time will vary depending on the type of oven, you use.Continuing to follow the instructions on how to cook at home lasagna, give authentic for 10 minutes before serving.

In addition, you can change the taste of food, making your own homemade sauce instead of the store.This will require equal parts of celery, carrots and onions, which should be put out to simmer with canned tomatoes.

Some additional tips on how to cook at home lasagna

necessary to use about a tablespoon or more of olive oil during cooking as this will hinder the amount of adhesion of the test.

If you are not ready pita bread and raw dough for noodles, make sure that it is baked through to readiness.

choosing ingredients for cooking, consider that the best ricotta cheese combined with other ingredients, so much more preferable than the cottage.If you can not buy this cheese, try to replace it is fat cottage cheese.

Since any conventional lasagna recipe does not exist, you can add at their discretion a few ingredients.Two small cans chopped olives are quite good as sliced ​​fresh tomatoes.However, if you want to cook lasagna home Lavash with tomatoes, add them after removing the foil on the last stage of baking (otherwise you'll get wet dough).

Despite the fact that the mozzarella can be found on sale crushed, it is better to rub it on their own.In addition, you can use instead of parmesan romano cheese.Sliced ​​cheese will be as good as grated.