Why dream of a train?

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The fact that dreams are a product of the subconscious, the modern man is unlikely to be doubt.Yet the brain gives us information in the form of symbols whose meaning must be decoded.And if some of the interpretation of dreams any logical explanation can not be, in some cases, treatment look quite easy to understand.However, considering each case, you may notice that one situation or character of the dream corresponds to multiple interpretations, often diametrically opposed to each other.

For example, finding out "What dream of the train?", You can get the following answers.

train moving down the mountain - a sure harbinger of financial troubles or losses.
train in which you are traveling, derails - expect changes in your life for the worse.
train climbing up the hill - a good sign heralding success in business and profits.
your wagon rides along the edge of the cliff - a warning about the dangers and the need to be extremely cautious.

This, I must say, a more or less coherent interpretation ends.Further, in response to the question "What dream train?", Read the following.

To dream car, standing on the rails, - in life you are surrounded by hostile people who are plotting treason.
go by train - Your success in business at hand.
Go sleeper - do not be too careless.

As you can see, the same symbol is interpreted in different ways.To find an explanation for this, remember that many downers drawn up at a time when the train was associated with a person does not trip or speed, and the danger and the threat from the outside.

Another explanation, what dream train, due to our understanding of this vehicle, how about giving chance.Missing the train it is treated as untapped opportunities.Get past the freight train means lost profits.

esoteric interpretation of the dream book The train represents time.In the dream, I had to go through the whole compound or to count the cars?In life, you will have to wait for someone or something.In another interpretation, a trip on the train means stiffness or circumstances familiar, everyday life.But suddenly breaks track promises, no more, no less your quick demise.

If wondering what dream trip, we will open a modern dream interpretation, he tells that railway stations and trains portend a close trip.
If the dream had to climb up on the top shelf - in real life you are caught not too pleasant companions.
If you dreamed that you sat in the wrong train, so in their own backyard you have chosen is not the right strategy.

items causing the symbol "train" can be infinitely long.It may be even curious to find an explanation for each of them.But should take into account the interpretation of dreams in the form in which they are brought to us downers?Curiosity, you can ask yourself, what dreams train (helicopter, vacuum cleaner, car).I assure you, a variety of responses and amaze you.However, if sleep "late train" or "not sit on the wagon" haunts you with an enviable regularity, it is unwise to ignore it.Try to understand what the image means.Perhaps in the hustle and bustle you are really missing something important, without giving any importance to this.Maybe in real life does not hurt to slow down, take time out or choose an unexpected decision, to cast a fresh look familiar situation?Change, as they say, the viewing angle.

course, there are reasons why you can not pay attention to your sleep.If you live near a train station and fall asleep to the sound of wheels or endless trips - your office, dreams of trains should not surprise you.It is unlikely that they will tell something new.Otherwise, try to determine what you associate a train or a trip - with routine chores or a pleasant holiday.Or maybe you have not visited so close that dreamed the night train "Moscow - Odessa" - nothing more than a guilty conscience about it?