Promotion of a site in Google - how to make it right?

According to statistics, in Ukraine, the most popular search engine in 2014 is still Google.It crouches over 70% of the Ukrainian Internet audience, which once again confirms the meaning of promotion resources in this particular search engine.Given its popularity, and growing demands on the quality of the entire process of website promotion.If in 2012 the site could unleash literally for 2-3 months and with a minimum budget, at the moment, the time and cost of promotion doubled or even 3 times.This article focuses on the tools for this promotion is the search engine.

strong & gt; How to start promoting your site to Google?

em & gt; 1. Optimize your site. The first thing you will need to do - is to optimize your site correctly.The main task - to pick up key phrases and arrange them on the pages of your site.It should be remembered that the most high key phrases must be placed in the meta tags and text on the front page, as it is the most visible and rating.Select a group of phrases, which is similar to each other and in different variations.Suppose a request

«air conditioner", "buy air conditioning" and "air conditioners Kiev» - is a unified group of words, which is to merge with each other and put on the main page.The next task when conducted site promotion - is writing a copyright and literate lyrics.By literacy we mean writing without grammar and spelling errors, since Google takes into account all this, and taking certain measures.Those words that you have registered in the meta tags should be gradually spread in the text and repeat once in different declinations.

em & gt; 2. Work on the content site. should constantly develop your website.In parallel with the process of website promotion, start to place it interesting articles and publications under the theme of your format.The more interesting and popular articles on the topics to be, the more chance there is that you will attract more readership and hence customers to your site.Try to write at least 2-3 new articles and place them in the "News" or "interesting articles."Liven up your site, let it be a boon for search engines.

em & gt; 3. Linkbilding.This construction reference weight.To website unwound, it should begin to refer to other reputable sites, preferably similar subjects.The text for the hosted platform is necessary to place the word "conditioning" link on the homepage.These links should not be repeated.Thus, after the page referring sites will be indexed, you can observe the growth of the resource position.It is understood that the competent site promotion on Google or other search engines - this is primarily a reference-quality environment.It is important not the number of referring domains, and the level of rating and credibility with the search engines.Choose «live» sites that people visit.It is desirable that it was a forum for discussion, and it looks natural to Google is constantly scanned page and replenished their base sites.

em & gt; 4. Using thematic communities, blogs and forums. you should register on free forums and blogs to post a link to it unobtrusively into your site.Google is very fond of such resources and believes their trust, because there are constantly discuss various topics, and such links look natural.Remember that the maximum increase of links per day should not reach 10. Otherwise, you run the risk that your Web site will be applied certain sanctions by the search engine, and you could lose your ranking and positions for excessive promotion and link spam.

em & gt; We hope that this publication will help you to increase the effectiveness of promoting your website and make it a popular resource on the entire Internet.