How and what to wear capri pants: Tips stylists

It is summer - all those who have not had time, rush to update your wardrobe, filling out his stylish clothes and relevant.

suggest you pay attention to the capri pants - light, cute and trendy, perfect for the warm season.What is it - the capri pants, how and with what they should wear, and what mistakes should be avoided?Read our article tips stylist!

so-called capri pants - short fitting trousers, usually up to mid-calf, most often - for women.There Capri in the late 1940s - is that they invented the German designer Sonja de Lennart, who lived at the time on the Italian island of Capri, and only then other designers (such as Emilio Pucci) have started to create on this theme their own variations.They say that the creator of custom-inspired capri island fishermen trouser legs rolled up, so as not to soak them in the sea.

particularly fashionable capris were between 1950-1960: in the Soviet cinema of Capri can be seen on the main character of the cult picture "Prisoner of the Caucasus" (1967), while in the West they were worn by many stars, including Jacqueline Kennedy and Gina Lollobrigida."Second Youth" came to capri pants at the end of XX - beginning of XXI century, and today they are highly relevant.

So, stylists say that, if you want to include capri pants in your wardrobe, you should remember a few simple rules , helping to create stylish images and avoid mistakes:

1. capri pants can be worn with matching it in stylehigh heels : for example, if your Capri - in the style of «casual», use shoes or sandals with wedge heels, and if your pants look more dressy or formal, you can afford and "stud".

2. not roll up your trouser legs , unless you are the hostess very long and beautiful legs.Otherwise, rolled capris make you look shorter.

3. Choose Capri more neutral shades - black, pastel, khaki, and splashes of color in your outfit will provide bright accessories, shoes or top.

4. top Choose wisely for Capri - it should be suitable for your type of figure proportions and style trousers.

5. not wear capri pants with elastic waist! This combination of the most unfortunate way condense your waist, make it visually thicker.

6. On the market today there extended variation of Capri , reaching almost to the ankle (a cross between Capri and slightly shortened tight pants).Try them too, it looks very stylish!

7. not wear short capri pants with boots! Even with boots - not worth it.

8. Keep your Capri did not reach to mid-calf - this is the most complete place the bottom of the legs, and pants are not decorate your figure.Wear Capri shorter or longer than mid-calf.

9. Do not forget to get a pair of capri pants high-waisted - unless you have very long legs, this simple trick will help to rectify the situation and to visually lengthen them.

10. Keep in mind that you can roll up little tight jeans , to achieve the effect of Capri.

11. Do not forget the "golden rule» - in all that concerns prints, important balance sheet and measure !If you choose capri pants with prints, combine them with monotonous top, and vice versa.

12. Wear capri pants - they are very fashionable, trendy, and always in fashion for the summer season!

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