A true lady - who is this?

woman - a beautiful flower, which contains many mysteries and unsolved mysteries that sometimes it seems that everything is not solved.But at the same time, it is often the standard of elegance and tenderness.

history and evolution in the field of beauty perceptible impact on the fair sex in general.Varied sorts of standards and canons.Fashion, of course, did not stand still.But the concept of "Lady" since the entry into circulation did not change its position - every girl and woman with a young age is committed to this status.

Sacrament in history

word "Lady" started around the 18th century.Then the women were violated in their rights, and ordinary residents of the city had the status of housewives.Only the royal guests and representatives of high society could attract attention with exquisite manners, behavior and style of dress.The difference was enormous, for the rest of the world seemed so unattainable.To get to him, or had to be born into a wealthy family, or to find a self-sufficient man who can give it all.

Yet in those days ladies - this is not representative of the upper strata of the population, and those ladies who were engaged in pastries (the word comes from the Old English hlǣfdige - «the one who kneads bread").

20th century was a turning point in this area.Women and girls who marry high-ranking persons, received this status and became a prime example for others to follow in their own state.

Our days

Today lady - a woman who is committed to excellence.It is not vulgar, is a gentility in his behavior keeps everyone at a distance and walk with your head held high.Ladies do not pay attention to men and that they are referred to, as in most cases, these ladies are married remain loyal to their companions.

laws of a lady

1. Sense of Style.From childhood, every mother instills interest in his daughter exquisite manners and art, he tries to provide a comprehensive education that will help to improve in this direction, showing the outline of elegance in all that surrounds her.The concept of style includes not only the selection of clothes in fashion, but also the presence of taste.Radiation charm, the ability to attract others are the main qualities for women with this status.

2. Fine manners.Try as he might, you will not find a woman woman that would express itself indecent and immoral behavior have.Statement of right speech occupies most of the time, since it pay attention in the first place.

3. Education.This woman - a woman who is able to speak several languages.She should understand many topics to be well-read, erudite, follow the news in different spheres of life and in any social event with the new people to be able to keep the conversation going.Personal development and knowledge accompany ladies throughout the course of life.These women all his life learning something new, never resting on our laurels.

4. Working on yourself.For such women the main goal - is to be always in shape.Never one finds it is not in slovenly attire, with a sick look on his face, and with disheveled hair.Movies Beauty and the gym - it is a duty, given that most of the personal time.Otherwise, the status of the lady can easily come to naught.


Many people have heard the expression "iron lady", but somehow this notion meant a woman who is unable to show any emotions, feelings.Simply put, it is not a person but a robot.Such give no place in your heart for love, tenderness and affection.Romantic things - even outside of fiction for them.

But in fact, the iron lady - who is this?For the first time the expression appeared in the British newspaper The Sunday Times in 1976, which published an article about the leader of the Conservative Party of the Soviet Union.This journalistic writing was known as "the" Iron Lady "scares ...", which caused a very strong reaction from Margaret Thatcher.Soon the nickname stuck behind her and still is an integral part of its image, even after death.

Now this expression is an ironic character.In most cases, it is used to describe the women who occupy high positions or have their own business.The main qualities of these ladies carry decisiveness, steadfastness in the decisions and willpower.

strict kind solve all the problems

affairs in the foreground?A typical characteristic of a business woman.Many reputable men faced with this type of women at work.They need very little from the others, because they are always eager to do everything yourself.The rigor and determination - in the first place, and family values ​​- away on the shelf.

Business lady - is often sharp, graceful, hard and freedom-loving women.At a meeting with them, you will notice an appraising look and immediately be in the hierarchy of "slave - the boss."They have the priority, not money, power and authority.They like to feel superior to others on the status and influence other people's lives.The leading position of the self-assessment of claims.

Elegant power

awarded the title of "First Lady" can not every average woman, or even a businesswoman.This expression is still stuck to the nineteenth century and disappeared from use until now.

First Lady - is the wife of an elected head of state.Initially, this title were spouses of the Presidents of the United States, but in the future everything went far beyond that country.

This status women maintain communication with other wives of heads of state.During official visits organize events specifically for the First Lady.

Success Secrets

true lady - this is a woman who knows all the mysteries in the field of etiquette, communication and more.Let us open a few secrets that will help in their daily lives to build the image of the elegant and well-mannered ladies:

1. Do not try first to greet those who are younger than you.Only people belonging to certain social categories, are exceptions.It:

  • representatives of the government and the royal family;

  • clergy;

  • people who occupied military posts.

2. On all social events encouraged women shaking hands with a woman.

3. When you are accompanied by a gentleman, better go on the right side of it.

4. If you have to use public transport, skip forward man.

5. Always keep your back flat.Beautiful posture is noteworthy because it creates the impression of a confident man.

6. Going down the stairs, or getting up, try to keep your feet as close as possible, so the waist will look more beautiful and attract the attention of men.

7. When you sit, hands folded in better "English Castle" or put his hands on one another.

This list will help little secrets during all major events and on any events.For ladies - this is standard in every sense of the word.

Little Princess

Well, in the mysteries of adult women have figured out, but still comes a time when it would be desirable to have a successor.And when this happens, the question arises, how to plant almost from the birth of the concept of aesthetics and sense of taste a little girl.

Remember Lady - a girl, which is primarily sensitive about their appearance and image data.But when it's all laid in the early stages of development, it is necessary to be careful, because, for example, excessive love of cosmetics can backfire and lead to the fact that the image would be vulgar.

Also, do not lay the daughter of the head the idea that "every princess find your prince."After excessive fantasy later in life will lead to the girl, and maybe already a woman remain in splendid isolation, as too long to wait for his "prince".Instead, tell your child about what love is, how wonderful it is that favorite way to do anything for his woman.Abundance is important, but not the first.

worth in the making just pay attention to etiquette, manners and neatness.

quest for the ideal

And in the end it is worth noting that to be a woman - this is not an innate ability, and a great work of mother and daughter.The main thing - the purpose and perseverance, as to be elegant and beautiful is not always possible due to lack of time and aging.Those luxury women who have achieved some success of his life, 24 hours a day to work on yourself.Even in sleep scrolled future plans and program yourself for success.Daily routine and schedule cases - is often very useful.

And remember that the lady is not inherent in such quality as cruelty.Someone may have fit the image of bitches, but this is absolutely parallel concepts.Being a woman - is the choice of every woman and at any age can get this status.

Do not be upset if, as a teenager, you will never pay attention to the canons of beauty, fashion and style, and have a gray mouse, or a furious punk.

Everything changes, and time can benefit.In this situation, we recommend to remember the legendary phrase: "I see the goal, I see no obstacle!" All the best!