MAZ-6440: specifications and reviews

Minsk Automobile Plant, MAZ, specializes in the production of large trucks and dump trucks.In 2010, the design bureau of the enterprise began to develop a new generation of truck tractor.The model differs from its predecessors in the engine compartment bonnet type, modern design and high comfort cabin.

New Long

New MAZ, the characteristics of which are kept at a high level, intended for long-haul, long-distance and international, on the most difficult routes of the trucking logistics.The machine has all the necessary data for the successful completion of tasks.This is the power and modern design, comfort and safety.The vehicle is considered to be a worthy successor of the traditions of the Belarusian mechanical engineering.

bonneted truck and its advantages

European safety requirements, hardware recently tightened considerably, especially in the preservation of life of the driver.Engine compartment bonnet type has the property of absorbing energy in a frontal collision.The front bumper, grille with a powerful cladding panels, front end and tail heavy engine take the full force of the blow.Inertia destruction, thus ends in the joint area of ​​the engine compartment to the cabin and the driver as well as passengers, it remains intact.

Another reason why bonneted trucks rather than other vehicles MAZ trucks, is to increase the level of comfort of the cab.Its location behind the front axle to create a space in which conveniently placed the driver's seat and seat for two passengers, and behind there is a branch to rest for two berths.In long-haul flights without such an arrangement can not do, because the movement takes place around the clock, and the co-driver is needed complete rest.

A further advantage is the almost unlimited access to the engine and other units and units that are under the hood.The undeniable advantage of the new tractor MAZ-6440 was recognized as a high reach repair of the engine and other units located in the engine compartment.To access the power plant is no longer required to lift heavy cabin, as is done in most MAZ.Current regulation, minor repairs and preventive maintenance with tightening fasteners - all this has become possible on the road or in the parking lot.Just open the hood of the car - the driver and a mechanic to get full access to the power plant.


MAZ-6440 - is the first bonneted tractor manufactured in Belarus, with the exception of MAZ-205, is produced in the postwar years, who had a very primitive construction, unreliable, with poor technical characteristics.Modern bonneted tractor - is a powerful machine with a host of advantages, which are constantly being improved.

Minsk Automobile Plant presented a novelty in 2011 at the International Exhibition of trucks TIR 2011. Ultramodern model created a furor.


A year after the first performance of the truck MAZ-6440 customers acquainted with the updated version that has a stylish exterior, and an increased level of comfort.The wheelbase of the car is extended by one meter, due to this the opportunity to expand in the longitudinal plane of the cab and equip enough spacious sleeping area.At the same time upgraded the front of the machine, set the bumper of complex configuration that did not have impact resistant characteristics, but was an example of aesthetics in terms of design, carried the lights, and was part of a stylish lining MAZ-6440.There have also been radically changed the shape of optics and grille.An additional advantage of the tractor as was the development of passive safety car, which of these indicators is very close to EU standards.


Truck tractor MAZ-6440 is equipped with eight-cylinder engine marks YaMZ D-283 with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, with a displacement of 18 liters capacity of 600 liters.a., under the standardized norms of Euro-4.

diesel combined with an automatic six-speed gearbox brand "Allison" 4500R American production.

Guide Minsk Automobile Plant has plans to equip their cars motors of its own production.Work is underway to create a line of motors of different characteristics.And while on the MAZ-6440 power units set the Yaroslavl Engine Plant.The question of the use of the engine, "Mercedes' 457-series.


new MAZ-6440 is assembled on the frame side members.Heavy motor rests on four legs with rubber soles.Many components borrowed from cabover counterparts, as the development and production of original spare parts is too expensive, and the production of MAZ-6440 is designed as a cost-effective and must be placed in the budget that does not exceed a certain average.Fully switched to a new model of front axle, both rear axle with locking differential braking system.The steering has been developed and re-equipped with a hydraulic booster.

tractor is equipped with ergonomic seats, high comfort, air conditioning, climate control, a digital tachograph, the top electric sunroof, the system of exchange rate stability, refrigerator.The driver's seat is surrounded by the dashboard, steering column adjustable for height and tilt in the longitudinal plane.The machine is not inferior to the level of comfort to foreign analogues.In many respects, the Belarusian tractors are beginning to outpace the US and European automobile production.


  • cruise control - a kind of autopilot, regulates the movement of the tractor as the load increases (for example, uphill);Machine adds or reduces engine speed traction motor on the descent;
  • elektropodemny cabin hatch mechanism, controlled by a special instrument panel rocker;
  • digital tachograph - a special device that is directly connected with the speedometer and fixing the distance traveled by the vehicle.
  • installing of climatic, automatic, electric four dampers;
  • mirrors controlled, electric and heated mirrors;
  • shields headlights of carbon fiber;
  • Stability - the irreplaceable assistant driver that monitors the stability of the movement;
  • DVD-player of "quad" with five-seater changer;
  • lights on the steps of the ladder-lift;
  • refrigerator of 40 liters;
  • beds.

MAZ-6440: price

In 2011, when the mass production of a new tractor was launched, managers of the Minsk Automobile Plant announced prices for the car, but not in numbers, but in the conventional measurement.It was announced that the MAZ-6440 will cost 30% less than their foreign counterparts in this class.However, even with such an impressive discount on the truck was about three million rubles, despite the fact that ordinary nekapotnye MAZ trucks are almost twice less.

Model 6440: reviews

Today released not so many new tractors.Machine parameters require modifications in the design incorporates many modern technical solutions that have not yet perfected, but in the long term promise to justify the calculations of engineers.

Still today from drivers coming reviews, mostly positive.Truckers say the high level of comfort, good sound insulation and resistance in the course of heavy trains.