How to find yourself?

Developing, man lives.You always have to be in the search, try to acquire new knowledge, learn new skills.However, this should be in harmony with itself.In this article I want to talk about what it means to find yourself.How can I do that?What happens if you do not look for yourself?

What does it mean?

At first glance it may seem that this phrase - "find yourself" - too tricky.However, everything is much easier.Everyone is always looking for something better.This dissatisfaction with the life situation stimulates to go farther and farther to find himself.Simply put, the search for himself - then set new goals and gradually achieve them, thus getting a lot of new knowledge and useful life skills.

What feels the man who found himself?This is especially satisfying.However, this condition will not last long.Very soon the emotions calm down, as a result, will return void.Therefore it is necessary to say that you can not find themselves and stop.Even if a person has mastered a certain skill and willing to constantly get pleasure from it, in the process, he will still always developing, mastering all the new facets of a particular case, looking for new opportunities to improve their personality.

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What can advise a person who has found himself, knows his place in life?First of all learn to put personal goals of varying complexity.And, of course, be able to reach them.This is the main rule, which gives a person the impetus to life and makes to evolve and improve.In addition, setting life goals great help to cope with stressful situations and without too many problems to overcome difficulties so often arise in life.And it's a great bonus track samopoiska.

What you need to know

What can you advise a person who always insists: "Help me find myself"?The first is to say that the search process is often long (taking into account the time frame) and time-consuming (taking into account the cost of power and energy).Therefore samopoisk may last for years, sometimes - for decades (in fact as it takes a lifetime).However, this should not be upset, because the process - it's self-identity, obtaining valuable experience.In addition, the need to remember a few other points:

1. The goal should be to his liking, ie,meet the desires and mood of the person.Aliens targets (parents, friends, community) - it does not find itself, as an imitation or a submission to the will of another.

2. The goal should be attainable (not inflated), but not too accessible.Well, if there is a person's motivation for positive behavior and self-improvement themselves as individuals.

3. The goal is to force a person to "burn".It has to attract, engage, to be desired.This greatly helps the visualization of the future, as well as other elements of setting yourself on the right way (for example, every month you can put yourself smaller goals that will lead to the achievement of one large).

Where to look?

Another important question that may arise in the majority of people is: "Where can I find myself?" So, psychologists say that the two great pillars on which rests the life of every person, a family and a job.It is here and it is necessary to look for a sense of life in these areas to improve.It is said that these two important areas are so broad, and in no way limited that they can be a lifetime to grow and develop personally, all the while creating new and new goals.About


What more individual can tell the person who found themselves?An important rule is: do not procrastinate.I do not think that today it is possible to carry out the necessary mechanical action of life, it is not developing.To begin it is necessary to look for themselves since childhood.The learning process, choice of profession, find hobbies - all elements samopoiska.And no need in this case to stop.Adulthood - this is not a time when we should start to look for yourself, then it is already possible to summarize and transfer valuable knowledge and experience gained over the years to the next generation.Important to remember that life - it is a constant process of search.

And if you do not seek?

important to remember the following: The only person who has found himself or to research, is truly happy.It can be successful and even rich.However, some live just like that, without thinking about the future and developing its own personality.It should say that today a lot of people.Where are they?On the streets of the fences, in the pubs.Even if everything is not so bad, it is often an expression of persons in such people very unhappy, they just do not feel the colors of life.The man has no purpose, has no raison d'ĂȘtre.It begins the search for alternative options as a result of - care in the invented reality, the development of different kinds of addictions.