Ukrainian Folk Dance.

Talking about the national characteristics of the country (in this case - the Ukraine), it is impossible to ignore the Ukrainian folk dances.Why is that?The fact is that this phenomenon is in fact unique.

Looking at dancing provocatively for men and women, he inadvertently infect them with energy and positive emotions.And this is perhaps not surprising, because even the music for the Ukrainian folk dances selected special - a cheerful, energetic and, as they say, with a twinkle!That is why this part of folk traditions and rituals for a long time became the object of attention by the leading anthropologists around the world.

This article aims to introduce the reader closer to the culture and customs of the neighboring state.Indeed, experience shows that if hopak - Ukrainian folk dance with a long history - can still be regarded as more or less well-known, then the rest, many readers have not even heard.Let's fix this unfortunate injustice!

Section 1. Ukrainian folk art

Worldwide folk art of the state, among which are the very important part of it is Ukrainian folk dance, it is one of the brightest.

explain why.The fact is that the country's national dance is rooted in the distant, if not older past.It is developed together with the history of the Ukrainian people and the country as a whole, is made of the results of centuries of national identity becomings is categorically different from those of all other nations of the world.

Ukraine - a country with a relatively large area, so every single region has its own characteristics and traditions, is also evident in the performance of folk dances.

in whatever part of the powers or you brought it fate, try not to miss periodically arrange festivities.Virtually all parts of Ukraine perform dances, characterized his own pace and rhythm, features steps penetrations and jumping.

For example, in the eastern regions bordering with Russia, Ukrainian folk dances have absorbed elements of the cultural heritage of the neighboring country.The central part of the state in motion expresses its identity and Western Ukraine can boast colorful "Cossack" culture.

Section 2. What do they mean?

Ukrainian folk dances, the names of which can be found in almost every guidebook, dedicated to the ethnicity of the local population, combine incredible harmony, emotional saturation and folklore forever.But that's not all.Each of them contributes to the culture of something of their own, some unique flavor.For example, Ukrainian folk dance "servant boy" even its name immortalized the glory of the heroes of the nation - the Zaporozhye Cossacks.

Although clearly defined rules in the "Cossack woman" is not, yet, according to tradition, it is danced in pairs, with a special fun and improvisation.

talented musicians for centuries made a lot of changes and diversity in the original tune "Cossack Woman", but in the dance still remained its charming rhythms, unusual tact, beautiful and accurate sound.

It should be noted that the "servant boy" - is, without a doubt, act with a strong patriotic character.

By the way, the same can be said about the second folk dance - hopak consisting of bizarre movements and unusual for residents of other countries productions that Ukrainians like smell by nature.They know how to dance, to merge with the melody into one.

Ukrainian Folk Dance store in themselves emotions and experiences of many generations of the whole nation.They displayed the people's soul, his excitement, victories, defeats, achievements, humor and tragedy.The whole world knows Ukrainian folk art of bright national color, fiery passion, the culmination of breakthroughs, gentle currents, the power of the spirit, uniqueness movements, rhythm and melody.

population of the country is proud of its heroic past and the present, which is why even in the modern world of science and technology circle called "Ukrainian folk dances for the children" is almost the most popular among young people.Kids and Teens happy to learn the basics of the wisdom of this kind of national culture.

Section 3. Dance as part of the country

delve into the history, you can see that in general in Ukraine, folk dances evolved under the influence of ancient Slavic pagan traditions and culture of neighboring countries, victories and defeats of the people and the innate musicality of the nation.We have heard, and the most ancient forms of dance - ritual.

Even now many regions of the country on the ancient tradition of spring holidays are celebrated with songs, stoneflies and May horovodami- "marinonkami" that resemble a wreath with the intricacies of bright colorful flowers.

cultural wealth of Ukraine make folk dances with regional differences: tropaki, Gopak, Metelitsa, Cossack, kolomyyki and to the west - polkas, quadrilles, waltzes and Gutsulka.

manner of their execution is very different in each region: for example, in Polesie dance steps with frequent priskokom and in the steppe regions dominated free and ample movements.

Section 4. Dance outfits Ukrainians

culture of the Ukrainian people, which developed many centuries, presented songs, dances, customs and clothing.

Folk dances, distinguished by its originality and uniqueness, always executed in national dress.For girls this garment was white long shirt, on the sleeves, hem and collar richly embroidered with rich patterns manually performed or cross embroidery.Over the shirt Ukrainian women always wear skirts - plakhta.An indispensable element in festive national costume women were bright red beads.Head girl was to be decorated with bright beautiful garland with flowing multi-colored ribbons, to get it down to her waist.

male national costume presented the broad red trousers, belted long and wide belts, sashes wrapped around the waist several times, and a white shirt.On his head was a wide swath peaked astrakhan hat.

Legs and women, and men wore red boots.

Today Ukrainian children's folk dances are always performed in traditional costumes.Sometimes guys gets shirts embroidered with their mothers, grandmothers or great-grandmothers.These items of clothing are appreciated and often passed down from generation to generation.

Section 5. Gopak - Ukrainian folk dance and a symbol of the state

most famous dance of the Ukrainian people, born in the days of Zaporizhzhya Sich - hopak - originally danced only by men-warriors.Today he is considered a unique view of the authentic martial art, but it may have to dance, even women.

Usually hopak executed young men - with great ease and agility, courage and temperament.Girls also have to move lyrically, fun, gentle and modest.

Ideally hopak dancing all five boys and two girls at a moderately fast tempo.

Section 6. Cossack dance, and what is the history of this dance?

Kazachok - Ukrainian folk dance live the general mood, mischievous, jovial and cheerful, very similar to hopak but differs less acrobatic elements and lyrical character.The basic movements are considered throwing leg forward at a time from a sitting position, and little steps squatting.

first dance musical treatment made Polish composer S. Dusyatsky in the early XVII century, and in Russian Cossack melody manuscripts dated back to II floor.XVIII century.Kazachok become particularly popular in the 1820s. And then began to appear in the French ballet.

Section 7. Features execution kolomyyki

Kolomyykami called Ukrainian Carpathian folk dances and dance songs.Unfortunately, the exact time of occurrence of the dance is not known, but it is considered to be mine in the Ukrainian town of Ivano-Frankivsk region called Coloma.

His special kolomyyki gained popularity in the mid XIX century.Lyrics of the songs are composed of two lines with 14 syllables each.By the way, not everyone knows that the same procedure is written and the anthem of Ukraine.

Section 8. Blizzard as part of festivals

indispensable part of Ukrainian folk winter festivals is a fast dance game "Snowstorm", featuring diverse and fast changing whirling figures.

Dancers must constantly be turned into a rapid dance, reminiscent of a snowstorm, under the general singing.

whole dance is literally built on several motions, including a pair of main drags all dancing the so-called Group of Eight, the circle, the snail.

Section 9. Swift tanok

Ukrainian folk ceremonial mass dance "Tanok" - a kind of round dance songs and elements of the game.

In principle, the Ukrainian tank is any folk dance.They usually performed to the accompaniment of songs themselves dancing in the holiday dates of the national calendar.

for such actions are typical linear movement "against each other."