How to build the press at home

resilient and beautiful belly - of such a dream of many.But to make it so, we must not be lazy and do special exercises regularly.In this article we will talk about how to pump up the press at home, if there is no time to visit the gym.

First of all, think about comfortable clothing for training.Best of all, if it is any of the jersey, as he stretches and will not inconvenience during movement.Doing abdominal exercises certainly to the meal, and even better in the morning.The effect of what you swing the press in the morning before breakfast, will be much more noticeable.If you have transferred the exercises for the stomach for another time, then move on to him after three or four hours after a meal.

you are thinking about how to pump up the press at home right in the absence of a coach?Be sure to do exercises before starting the workout.It can be a gentle stroll, in which, by the way, perfectly warmed up all muscle groups.If you do not like jogging or outside uncomfortable weather (rain, storm, etc.), You can follow a few simple warm-up exercises.They may be from the category of school (pan, tilt, etc.).The main thing for us with you - stretch and warm up our muscles and joints to prepare to load, so you do not complain about the fact that somewhere something is pulled.So, before you start to swing the press, you need to properly make the workout.

It is possible you at school did not do morning exercises or never use the fitness center, or maybe just have not loaded your body exercise.In this case, the question "How to build the press at home?" For you to be particularly relevant.Start with the simplest of movements, so your body is not experienced congestion.By intensive studies need to come gradually.So, download the press house.

Exercise first .Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knee (you can put anything under the feet to fix the position of the feet).Hands add up over your head in the "lock", and the breed elbows to the side.Body begins to rise upwards.With legs bent knees trying to get his chin.If the legs are straight and fixed, try not to raise in these movements.

Many wonder how quickly the press pump house, make a serious mistake.Wanting to speed up the process, they increase the number of movements of each exercise.But in the beginning you have enough training and ten repetitions of each exercise for three sets.Over time, the number of repetitions and approaches will gradually increase.Do not start too fast to load their muscles because they need to get used to the daily load.Only in this case, you do not throw their studies halfway.

Exercise second .Change position during movement of the body.Elbows are, as in the previous exercise, divorced, and his legs bent.Only during the lifting body rotates, while trying to get the elbow to the opposite knee.

Exercise third on the lower abdomen.It is best to do it with the help of special devices, available in sufficient quantities in the fitness rooms.But how to pump up the press at home, if there are no such devices and simulators?There is a way - Lie on the floor and fix your feet under the chair, sofa, or anything else.The legs should be straight, and hands - lie along the trunk.Lift the body up to an angle of 90 °.First, it's pretty hard to do, but do not back down, and soon you will succeed.This exercise is enough for the first workout of the three approaches, each of which only 5-7 exercises.

Exercises fourth and fifth , better known under the name of "scissors" and "bicycle".Making them lying on your back for one minute, two approaches.

the 6th Exercise .Rises from the position on the back foot straight to the corner of 90 °.If the legs began to "outweigh" lean them against the floor.It's a complex exercise, but it's worth it as well is working on the lower abdominal muscles.

Within three to five days, your body will let you know that the load became feasible for him and he used to.From this point on, you can slowly start to increase the number of approaches and to complicate the exercise.