White blood cells in the smear: normal women and deviations

all the fair sex, sooner or later have to go to the gynecologist.Experts recommend to take the appropriate inspection once a year.However, upon detection of pathological symptoms or changing your lifestyle it should be done more frequently.This article will tell you about the white blood cells in the smear.Normal women determined to a large number of cases.However, there are exceptions.Analysis of some of the fair sex may show abnormalities.It will also be mentioned below.

smear on flora

First, let's say that this analysis is one of the most simple and inexpensive.With it, the doctor may say that the fair sex is healthy or whether it has any diseases.Always studied leukocytes in the smear.The rate of women is not always opredeletsya.Sometimes there may be increasing the level of white blood cells.

smear on flora shall each time you visit a gynecologist.That is why, if you go to this specialist, is to be prepared for such an analysis.

leukocytes in the smear: normal women

Norma result of this analysis revealed that when a woman is completely healthy.Fence material to determine the number of white blood cells is carried out in three places: the vagina, the cervix and the urethra.In what amount should be white blood cells in the smear (the norm for women)?

Indeed, physicians may subdivide purity vagina several degrees.In addition, for each of them have their normal conventional values.Consider each of the known medicine purity vagina.

First degree: clean your vagina

In this case, the white blood cells in the smear (the norm for women - 1-3 in sight) may be absent altogether.Sometimes a laboratory notes the existence of individual white blood cells.This suggests that the inflammatory process in the target areas not.In addition to leukocytes present in the vagina lactobacilli and other microorganisms.

second purity

This category includes the following indicators.Laboratory reveals white blood cells in the smear (women exceeded the norm, they can be up to 15 in the field of view).In addition, there are useful microorganisms and bacteria.In some cases, the number of the latter can be reduced.Most of these indicators are normal.Sometimes the doctor may ask the patient to retake the analysis, as the increase in white cell count may be due to improper hygiene and violations during the collection of material.

third degree and dysbiosis

this subspecies have also determined the white blood cells in the smear.The rate of women before menstruation or after (the third degree of purity of the vagina) is exceeded (up to 50 units).The additional indicators are also often can be overestimated or underestimated.

In this case, the woman requires treatment.Since such a large number of white blood cells indicates the presence of inflammation.

fourth purity: vaginitis

This class is the last.In the study of the material are determined by the white blood cells in the smear.The rate in women after menstruation, or in front of them when vaginitis is exceeded (more than 50 units).Also recorded pathological parameters of additional cells.Most often, in this case there are bacteria and fungi.

women with fourth degree of purity always need treatment.The most common abnormality is caused by a sexually transmitted infection method.

White blood cells in a smear on the flora during childbearing

When the registration shall always pregnant this analysis.Also, a study carried out prior to delivery.Always determined leukocytes in the smear.The rate of women during pregnancy corresponds to the index of the first degree of purity of the vagina.Thus, during the childbearing white blood cells should not exceed the amount of 1-3 in sight.

Some doctors allow normal values ​​within 15 units.This microflora woman corresponds to the second degree.However, there are physicians who in this case insist on additional research.

Deviations from normal values ​​

So now you know how many white blood cells are defined in a smear (the norm for women).The norm is not always absolute.It is worth noting that the third and fourth degree of purity of the vagina is a deviation from the standard values.Treatment in this case must necessarily be carried out after further research.There are several reasons why there is an increase of white blood cells in the vagina, cervix or urethra.

viral infection

If a woman caught a cold or viral infection, then all the mucous membranes may present a slight increase in the number of white blood cells.That is why the doctor should warn about your illness or did reschedule delivery of the analysis.

Venereal diseases

If you have gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis and other ailments experienced higher levels of white blood cells in the smear.The number of white blood cells will be great in all sources fence material.In this case it is necessary to conduct additional tests to find out what is the cause of the pathology.

Inflammation of urinary system

In some cases, urinary tract infections can lead to increase of leukocytes in the smear.It should be noted that while the number of white blood cells is increased only in the urethra.In the vagina and the cervix defined a normal leukocyte count.

inflammation of the uterus and appendages

Diseases such as endometritis, adnexitis, salpingitis and subway can increase white blood cells.In most cases, the pathology is detected in the cervix and vagina.Smear of urethral gives normal white blood cell count results.

It is worth noting that the acute inflammatory process, the greater the number of white blood cells is detected.In the case when the disease becomes chronic, the level of white blood cells is reduced to normal values.

Violation hygiene

Abnormal number of white blood cells can be detected in the case where the wrong done the preparation for delivery of the analysis.If not been washed genitals, the number of bacteria may be more.That is why it is important to prepare for the visit to the gynecologist and delivery of such analyzes.

Conclusion Now that you know what the number of white blood cells in the smear is considered normal.However, it is not necessary to conduct their own decoding result.Consult your doctor and get the right conclusion and if necessary - treatment.

to be tested on time and be healthy!