Energy in the Arctic Circle.

Firstborn of nuclear energy in the Arctic Circle, Bilibino NPP is a unique structure that ensures the functioning of the gold and mining enterprises in Chukotka.The bulk of the population is concentrated in Chukotka District towns and villages, only a very small number of people live in the tundra and forest tundra, and mountainous areas and at all deserted.Nuclear power plant with total capacity of 48 MW, located near the town of Bilibino.NPP provides residents of the district center and other settlements of Chukotka and Yakutia electric and thermal energy.Bilibino sparse population - only 5.5 thousand.It has been a steady decline due to migration to the central regions of the Russian Federation.Bilibino NPP is removed from Pevek, the center of Chaun district, 378 km.From the port of Green Cape, the regional center of the Republic of Sakha, separated by 286 kilometers of the station.

sole nuclear power plant construction in the permafrost began in late 1967.The first power unit with a reactor plant was placed in the projected level of power in January 1974.The next two years were put into operation three more units.Bilibino NPP is associated with an isolated system Chaun-Bilibino energy hub power line length of 1000 kilometers.

Like other nuclear power plants in Russia, a nuclear power plant in Chukotka - the branch of "Rosenergoatom".In 2011, management of the Group decided to close the station because the irrational use of the property for more than 45 years.This decision was due to a number of reasons.First, uneconomical operation of nuclear power in the sparsely populated region.For 12 years (1989-2011) the population of the city of Bilibino decreased almost 3 times - from 15 600 to 5 500 thousand inhabitants.In addition, there are several problems associated with the safe operation of equipment, has worked for over 30 years and, to a certain extent, has exhausted its resources.

Energy Chukotka warn that the environmental policy of the plant is formed and implemented in full compliance with the provisions of the "Environmental Policy" of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and Bilibino NPP has its own environmental services provided by the laboratory of Environmental Protection.Indeed, the activities of a nuclear power plant supported by relevant decisions, licenses, conclusions of sanitary-epidemiological service, limits and regulations.However, the presence of the complex of necessary permits of Natural Resources does not guarantee a real reduction in emissions of radioactive gases, which consumers have become residents of Bilibino, located just 3.5 kilometers from the industrial site of the station, and the nature of Chukotka.

in April 2013. During the meeting R. Kopin, the governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, and F. Tuhvetova, Director of Bilibino nuclear power plant, discussed the activities to be undertaken to prepare for withdrawal of units out of service, replacement of decommissioned facilities and the removal of spent nuclear fuel.Of course, the decommissioning of power units of Bilibino NPP will require additional resources.