Rebecca Swimwear 2013 !!!

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If you want to be fashionable, attractive and irresistible to the beach, which can not be overlooked - choose swimwear and beachwear factory Hungary REBECCA!

Fitness clothing Frenetic really appreciate this season's trendiest lifestyle sports fans.

Rebecca global brand, image of the new pokoleniya.Kupalniki Rebecca swimwear and sportswear Frenetic widely known throughout the world, participation in exhibitions in Paris, Miami, and Milan fashion shows on the catwalks of the world make them more recognizable.

Swimwear Rebecca made of highest quality and most exclusive materials used and rhinestone brooches Swarovski.Rebecca always different from many brands sleek design and refined style, peculiar only to this factory, as there are only professionals, gorgeous fashion designers.Modeli monokini swimsuits, trikini, tankini, gangs and even a huge variety will not leave without a bathing suit even the most refined ladies.

Rebecca swimwear collection in 2013 made a lasting impression at the exhibition in Paris, shows and fashion shows at the highest level! Does not remain indifferent!

This season the fashion shades of bright red, pink and yellow, gold and orange, green and lemon-colored swimsuits.No less relevant in stores
swimwear and a variety of prints, such as leopard, floral, geometric coloring
swimsuits and swimming trunks, all this can be purchased at any store
kupalnikov.Bikini in retro style in the first place absolutely all European factories.

in our store are highly qualified specialists with experience in this field for over 10 years, and certainly will be able to choose a suitable your style and figure swimsuits and beachwear.ALWAYS GLAD wholesale and retail buyers, different social levels and on any chek.Dlya purchase swimsuits wholesale extensive choice of transport companies and proposals to sotrudnichestvu.Nash range can be found in our online magazine.Osobenno your attention strike Collection REBECCA 2013.

Welcomenashiz in retail stores and offices of our company Fomiteks!