Interesting predictions about World

congratulate our readers on the occasion of the Victory!Even this celebration is a mystical hue, because many attribute the beginning of the Great Patriotic War otherworldly forces.In addition, the war itself, its course and predicted victory for Russia variety of visionaries.

As is known, large and bloody war promised to anyone who dares to disturb the grave of the great warrior Tamerlane;Soviet archaeologists and, alas, so hurry Having reported to Stalin about the victory of science that worked without days off and opened the tomb early Sunday morning, June 22, 1941!

War Nostradamus

great French astrologer Nostradamus predicted many of the events of World War II in 1941.According to Nostradamus, is "a time when a terrible epidemic will absorb two-thirds of humanity, and children will seize large areas of Mars, but will be defeated."

East took off for the sake of power over the light.
snow, mountains, water - in the human avalanche.
fly through the air like a comet,
projectiles, smashing the

previous peace.

East - certainly, Russia, the rest does not require comment.

The appearance of the second Antichrist, unleashed World War II, t. E. Hitler, Nostradamus informs in centurion fifth quatrain 29:

Liberty will not be re-conquered,
«Tron 'takes the black, poor, proud, unjust,
Whenall the material of the bridge will be processed,
Republic of Venice will be irritated Hister.

sequence of world events during the march of the conqueror of Europe is predicted in the Centuries 2, Quatrain 24:

wild animals from hunger will cross the river ,null,
Most of the camp will be against Hister,
in an iron cage will plant a famous man,
When the stopchildren obey the law of Germany.

«Wild animals" - Nazis, bringing death to people."The famous man in the cage" - Mussolini, executed in Italy in 1945, "camp" - the international community, most of which are united against the threat of fascism.

decisive role in the fight against this terrible threat is given in the prophecies of Nostradamus, which fully coincide with the reality Slavic people, headed by Stalin - Olistanom:

large cluster of approaches from Slavonia.
Olistan destroy the old city.
In a big city is a novel.
put out a large fire fails.

The last two lines of the quatrain predicting victory to Stalin, who, however, "to put out a large fire fails," t. E. Completely cut off the head of fascism and to eliminate the military threat from the life of the world community can not.

Rasputin predicted war

Among those who predicted the start of the Great Patriotic War, and up to a year, was Grigori Rasputin.

Prophecy "Elder Gregory" the events of the Great Patriotic War refers to March 1913, when even the First World War unleashed by the Germans, too, and still did not exist.

"Once the teacher angry with the Germans. He shouted in the face of one who asks, apparently because of the Germans, that inside their de rotten, Trebukhova. And then he turned to me:" I know, I know - he cried - surround Petersburg, hunger will starve!Lord, how many people will die, and all because of this nemchury!And some bread - bread on the palm will not make out!That's a death in the city.But you can not see St. Petersburg!Nakos, death by starvation lie down, and you will not let them! "After that, I calmed down and asked for tea, and the question, when will all this happen, said:" From my death - the year of the 25th. "(Anna Vyrubova" Diary ").

Rasputin was murdered in 1916. If we add to this date 25, it just happens in 1941 - the beginning of not only war, but also the terrible siege of Leningrad, which "old man" spoke in such detail.

Prewar prophets

Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), one of the most famous predictors in the history of humanity, predicted the defeat of the Germans at the Kursk Bulge, the end of fascism and the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War.

famous hypnotist and fortune teller Wolf Messing famous for one of theits prewar predictions. In 1937, speaking at one of the theaters of Warsaw, in the presence of thousands of people, he predicted the death of Hitler, if he will turn to the East. This prediction Hitler knew that because the prediction was immediately published by almost all Polish newspapers - sold out on the firstband.As a result, crossing the borders of Poland by the German army, he was declared a prize of 200,000 marks for showing the location of Messing, so he was forced to flee to the Soviet Union.

Based on the book "The great prophets of Russia."