Rodent control.

Rodent probably being from time immemorial, as soon as people become aware of such, he began to fight in the extermination of rats, mice, and other members of this family.Then it's a simple explanation, because rodents can inflict huge losses food stored in warehouses, and in the Middle Ages the life of the population of entire cities depended on the safety of food in the winter.Not just because of the invasion of rats in Europe flared real epidemic of famine and pestilence, as rats are carriers of a number of diseases.But the most dangerous was and remains a plague that in the 14th century took almost half of the population of what was then Europe.Though now we rarely encounter the rats directly but are fleas on them can be a source of serious infection, so you should be more careful while in places where they could potentially inhabit Zverkov!
Today most of the world's population lives in cities and rarely faced with mice and rats, but still it happens.Oddly enough, but the bulk of these rodents do n

ot live in the countryside and in the cities and near them.After all, the city created a paradise for those animals, they often do not have to look for food, it comes naturally with debris coming from the people.Of course, the apartment can receive a mouse, and they will not be very easy to handle, but the rats in an apartment can get more by accident than by design.But they did not appear, it is a sure sign that you have in the house is not all right with the cleanliness and compliance with the rules of sanitary hygiene.It is necessary to revise their usual way of life and its relation to health standards.Here are a couple of reasons for which your home may appear rodents:
- you regularly take out the garbage, and you can accumulate piles of rags and paper unnecessary in the garage, balcony, storage, and so on. Etc .;
- You have a bad habit but steady drain the uneaten food (soups, fish guts, and so on. D.) The toilet.Rats can just get into the house through the sewer!
But first you need to try to get rid of unwanted neighbors, it can be done in several ways.The most common today chemical method of pest control, it is certainly effective, but he still has a couple of big disadvantages: firstly, with the rats always a risk of poisoning pets;and secondly, the rats quickly immune to poisons new, so you have to constantly invent new.
There are old ways of rodent control, here are some of them:
- We need to take bottles and corks on their well-fry in fat or vegetable oil, then throw in the habitat of rats and mice.Eaten plug swells in the stomach of a rodent, from which he will soon perish.
- mice can be dealt with in the following way - take wide-bottle of milk and pour into it a little vegetable oil, and its edges are coated with oil.Mouse getting there will not have the ability to climb back!
- Another interesting method, you need to take a glass cup and attach to the inside bottom of the bait (cheese) and put a glass bottomed up on the edge of a dime.Mouse gets inside and trying to lure shatters the glass causing it to fall to the penny and rodent trapped.
And of course you can always use a mousetrap.Apart from them are now on sale there are many electronic and ultrasonic deterrent devices, but how effective they are unable to give an exact answer, and experts.Rodent control can be carried out by other methods, one of the examples below.
interesting way to deal with rats came up with the sailors, they took several large rats and throw them in a barrel, and its tightly closed leaving only a hole for air.Rats of hunger began to kill each other and as a result, only one remained the strongest.During the time spent in the barrel so she got used to the meat of their relatives that became a cannibal.Here sailors released her back into the boat and it began to attack their relatives, who soon without exception found themselves in panic and tried to leave the ship.Scientists explain this behavior as follows: rats are not attacking cannibal group for a simple reason - they do not allow to make it self-preservation instinct.Even if they kill a rat-cannibal, that for this they will have to become part cannibals (dig his teeth into the flesh of his relatives), and there is always the risk that one of the attackers rats may like the taste of meat of their relatives.Then just change can happen, "aggressor"!