How to select an uninterruptible power supply for the boiler.UPS boiler rating , photos and characteristics

heating period financially for many families is the real challenge.Due to the almost annual tariff increases for natural gas in the payment amount reaches very impressive quantities.It is not surprising that with the beginning of spring people start to think about the structure of the effective insulation of their own homes, as well as the replacement and modernization of the heating system of a package of measures, which will reduce heating costs.One of his key points - a replacement of the boiler at a cost-effective model.

existing varieties

Depending on the design and efficiency of heating appliances market offers buyers several options boilers.Among the most famous classical gas, it does not require for their work is nothing but the supply of natural gas.Such solutions have a relatively low cost in terms of efficiency but they are inferior to the other modifications.Thus, the wall mounted boilers have several advantages and are now at the peak of popularity, surpassing the classics.In their de

sign uses a special pump creates a forced circulation of coolant.In addition, the electronic control board allows to control the operation of the gas burner by adjusting the intensity of the fire and completely disable it if necessary.All this allows to achieve a significant reduction in natural gas consumption.Despite the fact that the cost of heating boiler wall higher than normal floor, the difference is covered by just a year or two.Of course, depending on the intensity of use.

important feature

Since such decisions is not only gas but also electricity, then if there is no operation of the boiler wall is not possible.Disconnected not only the circulation pump, but also all the internal board.The result is simple - the boiler is not working.Even if the gas in the system is.That such an unpleasant feature.And if the owner of such a modern water heater will not take care of in advance to purchase a suitable uninterruptible power supply for the boiler, then the problems encountered with the power supply will have to freeze at home.We strongly recommend not to rely on the stability of power grids, since very often the causes of failures are weather conditions that can damage any, even the most reliable electricity distribution system.Here's a he - wall-mounted gas boiler.Uninterruptible power supply enables it to provide energy for the time required to restore centralized power.

Give two buckets current ...

to people familiar with the electrical engineering, it is not difficult to choose the right UPS for the boiler.With some reservations, it can be said with regard to specialists geek.Others, however, are only remotely imagine what a sine wave, voltage and constant current, can not choose the right uninterruptible power supply (UPS).As a result, using the advice of "experts", many become incompatible UPS for gas boilers, which in the best case leads to errors in the control electronics.Indirectly, this means a reduction in efficiency.In the worst case scenario, the use of the wrong pick ups for gas boilers is the failure of some costly blocks of logic and the need to replace them.Our recommendation is: to purchase backup power supply for the boiler wall is necessary to carefully read the information on the matter, and understand the basic principles of such a system.Excess spent an hour later can save a considerable sum.Moreover, there is nothing complicated about it.Choosing an uninterruptible power supply for the boiler, it is possible to consider a few key points.

The heater is powered

If the first wall-mounted boilers control the operation of electronic circuits were relatively simple, the modern solutions provide a real microprocessor.To understand the magnitude of complications can be reduced by the fact that some boilers allow the wearer to perform the setting operation using mobile communications.It is clear that the characteristics of the electric power applied to the device must be within acceptable limits.For example, if you specify that the boiler requires the use of 230 V, the voltage should be such (± 10%, provided that the standard).In addition, although many people know that in the home electrical outlets alternating current, not everyone understands what it means in practice.In fact, the term "variable" refers to the feature of this type of current - the presence of a sine wave.That is the direction of motion of charged particles flowing through a conductor, periodically changes to the opposite.Domestic appliances are designed to operate in that mode.Obviously, if it is not met, there may be failures in the operation of sensing elements - the same electronics.In addition, the network mismatch causes increased heating of the motor continuously running pump.

The conclusion is simple: buying an uninterruptible power supply for the boiler, be sure to explore the specification to it and make sure that the selected backup power to the device it provides pure sine wave.Otherwise, the purchase of this particular UPS is better to abstain and to look for alternative models.


Motorists know that all existing batteries give out a constant current.To convert it to alternating necessary to use a special electronic circuit.

All uninterruptible power supply to cope with this problem, but if you connect an oscilloscope and look at the low-cost models created sine wave, instead of the parabola on the screen will display the Step Pyramid.For consumers, undemanding to the electrical characteristic, this fact quite neprintsipialen.For example, lights, computers with their own converters and many other equipment are working perfectly.However, if instead of a sine wave at the output of "pyramid", then there is no guarantee the stable operation of electronic circuit boards boilers.

Battery types

By UPS can be connected to one of two types of batteries: sealed and lead acid.The first appearance is a small plastic box with two terminals.They are installed in backup power for computers.The advantage of these batteries is that when operating in the air does not produce gaseous by-products - they are tight and can be installed even in the bedroom.The disadvantage is the high cost, little lifespan (official data taken from the ideal systems) and, most importantly, low capacitance, which requires the gathering of entire blocks of the battery, of course, if the owner does not want to be limited to just a few tens of minutes of operation of the boiler.

From the point of view of expediency, are preferred car batteries.The appearance of non-performing models can not prepare acidic solutions and controlling the residual capacity of the liquid electrolyte.In terms of value on the capacity of such batteries are ideal.Their disadvantage is that during charging the air a small quantity of hydrogen, so it is recommended to put the premises.

restoring charge

Battery connected to the UPS is gradually discharged.Even if not used.To restore the charge lost in the process, you need a special charger.It can be a separate device, as well as be part of a backup source.Obviously, the latter is more preferable.It is important that the charge current was sufficient to fill the capacity of the batteries.

The principle of

All such sources are divided into two classes, with the usual and double conversion.Devices of the first type with the disappearance of electricity in the network switch to battery power, take them 12 (24) In the DC voltage, which increases to 220 and becomes a variable (of a sine wave we mentioned earlier).It is much more expensive solutions of the second type.They transmitter works not only when running on batteries, but in normal mode.AC mains current is rectified and fed to a sine wave generator.That is all the time the UPS is operating on the principle of "AC - DC - AC" current.This ensures a perfect sine wave output, regardless of the dispersion parameters of the external network.Name - uninterruptible power supply, double-conversion UPS or inverter (online).

Ratings and range

According to official data, the most in demand with the usual conversion UPS, but with a perfect sine wave AC.The most famous springs acquired Ukrainian company, is sold under the brand name "Leoton."Internal circuitry in them is ideal - everything is thought out to the smallest detail.However, the assembly itself is often so bad that there is a question: "And it generally works?"Perhaps in the new models of this sad fact it will be rectified.

From foreign counterparts to provide new solutions from APC, characterized by a sinusoidal signal.This, for example, the model of Smart-UPS SUA1000I with a capacity of 1,000 Volts * Amps (700 Watts).When connected to a computer can be controlled via USB or serial interface.Its weight - about 20 kg.Time pre-charge the battery is 3 hours.Running time can not be specified, since it depends on the consumption of electric power.

double conversion solutions, as we have indicated, quite expensive, so they should be used for large or problems with electrical power, or in the presence of "extra" money.The list of these devices leads APC Smart-UPS On-Line SURT1000RMXLI.Its weight - about 30 kg.Produces 700 watts of power.This mode can operate for 10 minutes.The charge lasts for 3 hours.When operating from the mains voltage can be adjusted within the range of 100 to 280 volts.

Here is a list of requirements to be met by a good UPS for boiler:

- The output of pure sine wave.

- electrical power output corresponds to the consumption of the boiler.Typically, the excess must be at least 30%.That is, if the water heater heating system consumes 100 watts, as indicated in the instructions, the uninterruptible power supply to the boiler must be able to give not less than 150 W, and preferably more.

- The design provides automatic switching modes depending on the core network.

- Batteries for UPS boiler must be recharged charger of backup power to the desired value without human intervention.And regardless of their type.

- good UPS for heating boilers must contain a system of protection against frequent switching.When power is restored on the main line of "transition" it should be delayed.

- The current built-in charger should be sufficient to restore the electrical capacity of the connected battery.

- The build quality should not be primitive than the sin of some models of a well-known firm.

Thus, if the purchase into account all the nuances of the above, then the question of how to choose UPS for the boiler, does not present any difficulties.In this article there is no way to cover all the nuances, so the rules of connection and subsequent operation of the need to look for additional information.