Degraded - is to break down, to decline

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Degradation - determination process in which deteriorate characteristics of the phenomenon, a single object or spiritual qualities.This retrogression, regression and destruction.In other words, degraded - is to act in opposition to progress and development.

destruction, aging - a process that applies to all the world

In fact, is it possible to stop the decomposition of the corpse or timber, aging, weathering cracks in the rocks, rivers drying up?Of course, to stop the natural process of degradation of all that nobody can.Degraded - it means to lose its positive qualities.Although how to stop the process, slow down the destruction and aging, modern scientists have learned.Wooden and metal constructions undergo a special treatment, a chemical often are covered with protective layers.Through these actions greatly increases their lifespan.Along the edges of ravines seated trees that interfere with their roots further increase the cracks.The rivers are building dams, allowing to adjust the water level in the reservoirs.And the problem of aging is left unattended: scientists quite fruitful work in this direction, and today there are some techniques that tell how to stop the aging process, to rid themselves of a variety of diseases and malfunctions in the finest system of the body.

degradation of society, but increasingly on the agenda of today raise the problem of a general degradation of the human population.It is the decline of moral values, intellect large number of people, reduction of morality in society.And there are a lot of reasons: alcoholism, drug addiction, the impact of television, computer games.Psychologists say that the day passed without acquiring any knowledge, spiritual growth - is a step in the degradation."Do not let your soul be lazy!" - Called Nikolai Z.But we must add to it saying: you can not be lazy and brain, body.Set foot on this path, begin to degrade - it's easy.But to turn back in the direction of development and self-actualization - is much more difficult.

Evolve or degrade - it's up to the person!

personal degradation - is a self-destruct, a process that takes time and is not due to the influence of natural factors, but because of the deliberate self-destruction.It is proved that the aging of the human brain operates.And if you do not ever give him food for development, it weakens.Hence, its impact on the processes taking place inside a person becomes extremely weak.Degraded people - is one that has started its development to chance, he withdrew.He was not interested in the book on which it is worth considering, movies, requiring the work of the soul, he was too lazy to strain in the study of new acquisition of knowledge and skills for him painfully.So, this is how a person is aging - and not years to blame, and the internal installation.