Compatibility: She - the Virgin, he - Virgo.

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Today, competent astrologers can provide a detailed description of the relationship of partners, relying only on their zodiac signs.In most cases, this information is correct.To better understand how to behave with a loved one and to avoid conflicts, it is necessary to calculate the compatibility.She - the Virgin, he - Virgo, what will their union?Prominent representatives of the mark quickly find a common language, so they have all the chances to build a sincere relationship.

Compatibility: She - the Virgin, he - Virgo.The main aspects

This combination is very favorable for the creation of a reliable friendship.These characters understand each other well and are always willing to support, so the friendship is often blends in with tenderness and love.Prominent representatives Dev can not be called romantic or emotional state people.Often, they are pragmatic and prudent enough to believe that all should be clarity and order.Because of these qualities couple under the sign of Virgo are rarely quarrels, preferring to clarify misunderstandings at once using a constructive conversation.Over the years, when passion is dulled, they remain the best of friends, and marriage is one of the most valuable qualities.The dialogue between them does not stop even when, it seems, is not to talk about.Compatibility Virgo is considered successful also because the partners respect each other's personal territory, and try not to go beyond the limits of the permissible.As a rule, the representatives of this sign - the people faithful, and to decide on an adventure, or a sharp change habitual way of life for them is akin to the apocalypse.But do not forget that Virgin meticulous and picky, and therefore are not in everyday life to avoid conflicts.This pair is better to assign responsibilities and to inform about their habits and shortcomings.

Compatibility: She - the Virgin, he - Virgo.Possible problems

If we look at family life, the wife generally satisfied with each other.Each of them clearly paints your work schedule and free time that they can devote to the partner.But the monotony of actions performed monotonously day in and day out, year after year, bored even inveterate pedants.You should always listen to the request of the spouse with interest to listen to his concerns and advise unpressing decision.Horoscope Compatibility Virgo and Virgo astrologers consider not very favorable also because for a long time that women can save resentment within himself, and then simply "explode" from an overabundance of feelings.Then begins the stage of daily quarrels and recriminations, which are man-Virgo can not remain silent.There is a vicious circle, where no one can stop.If one of them does not take himself in hand and will not appear wiser, it would seem, a strong family would collapse overnight.

Compatibility: She - the Virgin, he - Virgo.Secrets of a happy marriage

Pawn long happy relationship, as though it may sound cynical, in the quality of sexual partners zhizni.Snachala completely satisfied with their sex life, because they are so suited to each other.However, over the years, their excessive conservatism will be a real obstacle.In order to experience true intimacy and attraction to a partner, Virgos should be liberated.Do not be afraid to open up to each other, because you are family!Successful will be any joint business, a family business in such pairs usually thrives and develops.Virgin need in the general interest, in common purpose and common concerns.Hence the birth of the child and joint custody only strengthen these relations.