Capricorn woman, Libra-Man: union mixed on reality

relations this couple can hardly be called "simple and thoughtful."Their bond is endowed with a special positive factor, which for some reason they are in no hurry to use.Male Libra is so flexible, it is able to accept almost all the arguments in favor of the fact that a woman could be self-sufficient.

Capricorn woman: what is it?

This lady born under the sign of leadership.It means only that she will manage everything and everyone in his life.She - a real business woman.Only she, playfully and without losing the calm and presence of mind, able to cope with all the chores at the same time.This woman can manage a big company to sell shares and washing cars, assume the role of master of the house and perfectly cope with it.That it can feed a whole family, no matter how big it may be.And all this with my head held high and manners of a true queen.By the way, this is her innate, and no outside influence is not able to change it.

And what things really?

But despite all of its leadership, it remains fragile and delicate.Such is the Capricorn woman is different.Libra man, by the way, is absolutely not mind if it will be decided to make a career.But all is not so simple.It is difficult to find exact position that would fully meet all its requirements.And because most of the union of Capricorn and Libra turns into a traditional unit of society.It should be noted that a woman will always help to build a career to his beloved.But it will make it so that he does not even suspect.

female Capricorn, Libra man: the goal - success

woman of this sign of the zodiac never satisfied with little.It never stops there.Therefore, making a career to his beloved, she will always be aimed at the highest results.However, there is one "but."Male Libra do not mind the career of his wife, but to transform itself into one continuous "career", he will not.It belongs to the element of air, and it does not tolerate stagnation and limited space.In this case, he simply evaporate.And then you have to spend a lot of effort, time and, most importantly, the words to come back and forgave.Here you need to find a compromise that may contain some notes, leading to what it wants to achieve a woman.Yes, here it is this union, ruled by two: Male Libra and Capricorn.Compatible them virtually impossible due to a mismatch of characters.What then will happen to this couple?

woman Capricorn, Libra-Man: Is Harmony Possible in a relationship?

She may be offended for a long time, if you have been treated unfairly favorite.But he may well achieve forgiveness, because he is so charming and eloquent.This pair simply vital sensual pleasure and passion in a relationship.But you need to trust - without any of the partners will not be able to open up completely.In order to understand each other, you need quite a bit - and see your soul mate, and not only that of her wants.That's what brings in the relationship between people like Capricorn woman, Libra-man, full of harmony.

So to summarize

for such lovers, as the Capricorn woman, Libra man, can hardly be called "perfect."She is building a career or trying to make a career favorite.It is always free and independent as the one element that owns.But the love of this couple could sweep away all obstacles, it is wanted.