Gainer Atech Nutrition: reviews

In recent years the niche market of sports nutrition there are changes, which go to the forefront of Russian companies.At the moment, the level and shows the final results of domestic producers not only successfully compete with overseas and European offerings, but often bypass them both in quality and accessibility.When this value in most cases much lower foreign counterparts.The following will be discussed about the organization from Samara aTech Nutrition, reviews of which the vast majority are positive.Next, we describe in detail about the nutritional components that underlie the sports supplements, the results of application and consumer reviews.

Other products under the brand name of the company produces several types of goods, aimed at building up the muscles and which is a nutrient mixture with different flavors:

  • L-Carnitine;
  • BCAA 4: 1: 1;
  • four types of protein - 5-complete protein, Whey, casein protein, and 100% Whey SS (special edition);
  • Creatine Monohydrate 100%;
  • two gainer - Start Mass and Professional Mass;
  • L-Glutamine.

Whey protein on the basis of serum

balanced composition of different product mixes: 5 and 25 grams of carbohydrates and whey concentrate, respectively, in the 33-gram serving.Sugar absent.

Efficient mixing and excellent selection of flavors - the two main advantages of the nutrient solution from the company aTech Nutrition, Whey Protein.User reviews indicate that at the moment the most popular flavors are caramel and chocolate biscuits.Not in the composition and aspartame.At the present time as packaging for products used two options:

  • Doypak packages, including practical zip fastener.
  • PET jars of different sizes.

Currently, in addition to the main representative of the series on the shelves there is an improved version of Whey.The attractiveness of a first embodiment of a company forced to release aTech Nutrition protein, reviews of which is dominated by positive by both the press and critics, as well as from consumers.


The main component of this mixture of Samara manufacturers is acetyl.He called L-carnitine, but the main advantage of the product - accessibility.Eat a solution can and professional athletes, bodybuilders and fans just become the way of bodybuilding.Daily application allows the user to increase endurance and anaerobic and aerobic types of events.The total weight of the packaged mixture is 135 grams, but the container has the form of three packs 36 grams each.

BCAA 4: 1: 1

The main advantages of this type of production can be attributed the efficiency and quality of a pharmaceutical nature.She repeatedly was tested famous Russian athletes.Except for the mixture in an amount of six grams of the enabled one gram of glutamine.

Thus, in the same package are just four of the most important amino acids that increase the body's recovery process, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.BCAA aTech Nutrition has several flavors, including natural.He is considered the most profitable mix of all represented in the domestic market.At the moment there are two types of packing - a pound and kilogram.

Creatine Monohydrate

treated microns creatine from the producer in Samara has a high level of quality and is considered the cleanest product in its market niche.

It allows the user to increase endurance and strength and muscle to change for the better in terms of attractiveness and appearance.You only have seven days to use aTech Nutrition Creatine.User reviews suggest that strict adherence to all the rules change to help the relief of muscle and enhance performance power.


To support the immune system and increase your muscle mass, you need to take an amino acid called L-Glutamine.It is the main ingredient in the list of sports nutrition products.

quickly help strengthen the immune system and restore the body, even after heavy loads.After the use of products produced hormone that accelerates the growth of the musculature.This prevents the company aTech Nutrition.Reviews also confirm the trend.

Start Mass

most attractive option in today's Russian market nutrients are Creatine.They are a set of multiple products Samara experts, making optimal diet with protein and carbohydrate components.Start Mass is intended for use primarily by beginners.It should be noted that increasing the mass starts from the very first days of use.Athletes often use the experience of this option, including through a variety of flavors.Superior quality products - high calorie.

carbohydrate component consists of a balanced ingredients.It should be taken with caution for people who are prone to be overweight.Gainer aTech Nutrition, reviews which are always positive, able to produce the expected results only in case of compliance with the consumer all the necessary conditions for the use of the composition.

matrix with protein properties include soy and whey, are complementary to each other.This rich blend of amino acids makes it possible to feed the muscles, thus providing an efficient and rapid growth.Vitamins are presented in groups C and B. The first promotes the production of testosterone, is involved in protein synthesis and provides cells with oxygen, the second - support interchangeability of energy in the body.One serving is six scoops product aTech Nutrition.Reviews consumers recommend to mix it with three hundred milliliters of liquid (milk, water or other beverage).

Professional Mass

Ā«adult version" of the nutrient solution from the manufacturers of Samara.The components are balanced so that the carbohydrates increased growth rate, creating an obstacle to the proteins used by the body for energy recovery.In turn, the latter to protect the muscles from possible destruction.Eating twice a day gainer aTech Nitrition (reviews confirm this fact), the consumer gets to ten thousand calories per week.Top quality makes the products popular not only among newcomers, but also primarily among professional athletes, having vast experience of performances in major competitions around the world.

During production Professional Mass product enriched with amino acids and creatine.Here is a list of all components included in the mixture:

  • neotame;
  • identity and natural flavor;
  • creatine;
  • valine;
  • soy protein;
  • karbomatriks;
  • sucralose;
  • carmine;
  • glutamine;
  • leucine;
  • whey protein.

gainer for direct application to be mixed with the liquid in an amount of 300 to 350 milliliters (milk, water, and other drinks).Weight should get a uniform.Immediately after mixing, the resulting solution is necessary to use for other purposes.Drink the contents of the better one to three times daily, or guided by their own individual program compiled for a sports power.


recently began to appear articles and video reviews, which jeopardize the company and its products.Therefore, the leadership of the manufacturer, it was decided to apply to the packaging of the act, drawn up by independent laboratories to check the quality of the mixture.This kind of research will become regular, mandatory involvement of different organizations providing services in this area.