Eggplant: how to grow properly

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In spring and summer, people are starting to think about what to plant vegetables in the garden.Popular culture - eggplant.How to grow seedlings, care for plants to deal with pests?These questions are answered by our article.

General characteristics

Eggplant - heat-loving plant of the nightshade family with a strong stem that has thorns.Its leaves are large, oval fruits are oval, cylindrical, pear-shaped, spherical.The color of eggplant is usually purple, but there are varieties of unusual coloring: white, black, purple, mauve, striped.Fetal weight from 20 g to 2 kg, length - from 5 to 65 cm.

Eggplant: how to grow sprouts

First of all it is necessary to determine the grade: preference is given to hasty and hybrids, which are insensitive to day length.The fact that the plant has another feature: for optimal growth and high yield it needs daylight hours 12-14 hours.These figures all year round at the equator, in other places in the summer the days are longer.

This explains why some varieties in June-July, small form ovaries, and only in August, starts to catch up eggplant.

How to grow sprouts?We must comply with the following conditions:

  • in the soil mix should be a large proportion of rotted compost or compost;
  • for better germination of seeds can be soaked in aloe juice a day;
  • in a place where grown seedlings should be warm;
  • fertilizer should be carried out increased dose of nitrogen (urea or "Rastvorinom");
  • period of seedling is 70 days.

When planting in a greenhouse or soil should be remembered that it is necessary to repot the plant carefully, without damaging the root system, otherwise the fruits of growth is significantly delayed.Allowed to plant together with eggplant tomato and pepper, but rather that they were in a separate "safe haven."

How to grow eggplant in the greenhouse

plants are placed in a greenhouse in the middle of May (15-20 numbers), but you need to pre-prepare the soil and cover it so that it warmed up to 16 degrees Celsius.Preparing the ground - digging and making one square meter of the two buckets of compost and 100 g of compound fertilizers.When planting, leave between plants 30 cm between rows of them - 60 cm. The seedlings of eggplant is not deepened.

The greenhouse is necessary to ensure the temperature of 20-28 degrees, otherwise the ovary will be poorly formed and fall away.Care comes to watering (2 times a week at the root), fertilizing (1 every 14 days), inter-row hoeing, weeding as needed.There is one caveat, which deals with how to grow good eggplant: they need to be watered in the afternoon and warm water defended.

Forming plant pruned reduced to lower, not fruit-bearing branches, the removal of diseased leaves, to be tied when needed.Daily shaking the stem provides good zavyazyvaemost.

It must be remembered that the plant does not tolerate shade, so be near the low plant leafy vegetables: onions, dill, sorrel.

Eggplant: how to grow, to protect against pests

main pests - Colorado beetles.They can destroy the plant completely.Therefore, the Colorado beetles have to fight not to plant potatoes and eggplant have periodically inspect the stems and leaves.Chemicals can be used only until the ovaries, so gardeners are popular methods, such as:

  • Sprinkling salt flour that remains of frying fish;
  • Sprinkling soil wet wood ashes, followed by spraying water (once a week).

Eggplant - demanding plant, but it would be nicer to ripening.How many dishes can be prepared from the "little blue┬╗ ...