How to sow mustard in the fall?

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Mustard is of great importance for agricultural production.It is used for several purposes: as a honey plant as fertilizer and for the production of powder which is used in medicine and cooking.Despite the fact that this culture enriches the soil so useful for growth of various flora microelements as potassium, magnesium and others for its growth must prepare the soil to make feeding and so on.Also, you need to know how to sow mustard in autumn, as this is considered to be the most favorable time for planting this crop.

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White mustard is a one-of oilseeds.This plant belongs to the family of cruciferous.From the pollen makes it an excellent honey has healing properties.From the seeds of mustard extract oil, which is used in many fields, such as perfumes, medicine, food industry and others.

also (as mentioned above), this plant can be used to enrich the soil before planting other major crops, such as onions.If you run the mustard crop in the fall, in the spring seedlings will gradually release the accumulation of nitrogen in the soil.In addition, it is useful to plant this crop with legumes, such as lentils and other plants.It inhibits the growth of unwanted grass and generally has a "wellness" effect on the soil - prevents leaching of mineral nutrients, reproduce gives pests and so on.In addition, this culture was grown as a fodder plant.

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In order to successfully carry out the planting of mustard in the fall, you can equip this useful information:

  • Before planting, the soil is better to plow and make fertilizer.
  • Mustard is not recommended to be planted after other cruciferous plants because they affect an identical disease, pests.
  • mustard autumn sowing can be carried out in the usual way in which the rows are performed at intervals of 0.25 m.
  • recommended bury seeds on 0.03 m.
  • need to calculate the time of sowing so that seeds do not have time to come up before the first frost.Typically, this plant produces shoots at about 15 ° C 10˚-week later.
  • consumption of mustard seeds for sowing in rows in the main about 16 kg, while the continuous method - about 12 kg (per 1 ha).

Feeding and cleaning

Mustard well fed nitrogen-containing fertilizers, as this plant loves the timely watering.When flowering (which begins 40 days after sowing and continues for about 20 days) need to equip field apiary per hectare - one or two bee colonies.If you wish (to increase the collection of honey) sowing mustard change.This can be done in three stages - in May (middle and late) and until 10 June.

for growing seed takes about about 2.5 months.Cleaning is carried out when the plants get coloring dark yellow pods dry up, and the seeds harden.The process of gathering is best done in the early morning (before dew) or in cloudy weather.

Mustard is a useful crops, its cultivation was known in earlier centuries.Seeds and honey collected from the flowers of this culture are used for different purposes.