And you know why leaves turn yellow cucumbers?

gardens Often owners have to save your own crop that can "die" for various reasons, such as changes in weather conditions, pests and so on.Too often gardeners have to watch as the leaves appear yellow of cucumbers.Of course, this is a sign that the vegetable is "sick" and he needed help.

However, not everyone knows about why leaves turn yellow cucumbers.Experts explain this phenomenon many reasons.Indeed, why leaves turn yellow cucumbers?Firstly, because of the lack of moisture at a high temperature.Secondly, because of the extremely low temperatures at night, which are often accompanied by frost.Third, the "false fruit" may lack minerals and trace elements.Fourth, cucumbers can be affected by fungal diseases and other parasitic organisms.

Consider some of the reasons why the leaves turn yellow cucumbers in more detail.

experienced gardener understands that the aforementioned vegetable loves moisture, and the slightest of its deficiency can lead to yellowing of the ovaries and fruits.The same effect can cause the wrong choice, and temperature of the water for irrigation.

Therefore, experts recommend watering cucumbers use warm water only.Frosts, which often occur in the early spring, can also cause the appearance of discoloration on the ovaries.

Why do leaves turn yellow cucumbers in other cases?The above plant sufficiently susceptible to various diseases, for example, such as powdery mildew.First, the leaves are formed small patches of light color, then they increase in size, and are transformed into white patches.After a while it gets yellow "ornament", after which the leaves wither.This is a clear sign that the cucumbers impressed fungal disease.The problem is compounded by the fact that the organism is extremely prolific, so chances are that next year it will be again, is extremely high.To minimize this type of risk, experts advise to carry out the procedure of crop rotation and choose varieties with increased immunity to fungal diseases.

Very often, even the cucumber seedlings yellow leaves.What does this show?The fact that a plant lacking microelements, in particular, nitrogen.To solve this problem, experts advise to hold fertilizer.Usually, it is made four times during the season.During flowering (1 time) and during fruiting (3 times) the plant is further enriched with urea, sodium sulfate, potassium composition of superphosphate and mullein.

Another dangerous bacteriological disease to a "false fruit" is Fusarium wilt.At the same toxins produced by the fungus, so deeply penetrate into the capillaries that immediately cucumbers yellow leaves and fruit.Ultimately plants grown in the greenhouse dies.

Viewed vegetable and often affected by root rot.The above-mentioned "illness" is for him a serious threat: first with cucumbers turn yellow lower leaves, and eventually the rest.

in the fight against fungal diseases experts recommend the use of chemicals.