Why apples in a dream to see?

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According Horoscopes, one of the most auspicious signs is considered to dream apples.This is the rare case when the majority of the interpreters of dreams unanimous in their interpretations.Of course, the stories of sleep, as well as their values, can be very diverse, but most of the apples in a dream to see - to the happy changes in life, wisdom, good luck and wealth, and even to love.

Many Russian fairy tales apples associated with health and vigor.It is not in vain the king sent warriors to distant lands for rejuvenating apples.In addition, these fruits were considered a symbol of reward and cognition.Togo, who had a chance to eat apples in a dream, get acquainted with a man older, who will give him all his experience and knowledge.In addition, if the bulk apples and rosy - in the near future, your health is not in danger, and if you are sick - very soon get better.And, mature apples have a dream - to wealth and success in business.If you ate baked apples, it is a joy.

In addition, Apple has always been considered a symbol of life.And because the apples in a dream to see means that you have a great love of life and know how to enjoy life and achieve their goals.Apples in a dream to see surrounded by green leaves - a sign that it's time to implement your plans.Sleep advises boldly move forward.When ripe red apples you saw on the top of the tree, you may want to revise their plans because they are not realistic.If you see an apple on a plate or a saucer - in reality you have to become a member of a very interesting event.Well, if the kata is an apple on a plate - soon learn someone's secret.

If dreamed that keep the golden apple in the hands - universal love and acceptance are guaranteed.If you dream you tear from branch green apple, then in reality you rush things.The best time to recall the adage that advises not to pluck a green apple, and wait until the very ripe and fall.Apples in a dream to see the ruddy ripe and in large numbers - to prosperity.Yet this dream foretells that in the future you can do some discovery and, in general, will be at a premium in others.If you on a path in the garden of one apple rolls - wait for guests in his home, and it is relative.Collect apples in a dream - a good omen, which means that your dreams come true without fail.

And, of course, do not forget that the apple represents also a symbol of temptation, temptation.After all, because of the forbidden fruit of paradise were expelled Adam and Eve.Sometimes in a dream to see the apples ripe and juicy means that soon you will find that your love affair that may end a successful marriage.The man has a sweet apple in a dream - to meet a very attractive figure, which will be of great value in his fate.If a man sitting under an apple tree in a dream, the reality he wants to be seduced by a charming girl, but if a woman offers him an apple - it is already trying to seduce.If a woman dreams that she treats bone man - in reality it is not averse to engage in a relationship with him.If the apple that keeps a woman, appeared worm-eaten, perhaps it will be disappointed in a partner.Get a gift apple dream means that you are someone who likes.

if the dream of rotten apples

But not only good changes may portend a dream with apples.So, if you eat rotten or wormy fruit, you will be disappointed and annoyed.This dream often means losing, getting false information.Cut into slices apples in a dream - to strife also dream means that you are in error, for which will have to pay.Sometimes a worm-eaten apple indicates a latent disease.Fallen and rotten apples in a dream warning that we should not accept the tempting offer.Boil the jam from the fruit - you become a member or witness the tragic events, and there are unripe apples - to unpleasant news.And if you're in a dream stealing apples, the reality can take improper action that will have dire consequences.