The program of strength training for women and men

strength training program for men will help increase muscle, accelerate the metabolism and increase the amount of testosterone in the body.Weight Training for Women transform their body, giving it the harmony and tone the muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen and buttocks.

basic concepts of strength training

Strength training - a training plan for athletes of varying degrees of physical training, which in order to overcome the "plateau" and the subsequent progression of loads must be used in the training process cycling.For beginners, we recommend using the classic version of the training the strength of 5 sets of 5 reps with the gradual progress loads.

Strength training oblige the athlete to strict adherence of the day.Firstly, proper rest and sleep for at least 8 hours and proper and balanced diet to enrich the body with energy.Second, conducting training on the maximum allowable capabilities of your body while holding the recovery process at the appropriate level.

fundamental conditions of strength training

In order to achieve the result of the exercise and to prevent injury during their implementation should adhere to the conditions of the conventional weight training.

rules of strength training:

  • thorough warm-up before exercise will prepare the muscles for strength training, and protect against the appearance of injuries.Strength workout should be performed using barbells or dumbbells.
  • Carrying hitch late strength training, allowing to liberate the muscle fibers, joints and ligaments.
  • Stretching is recommended not only after, but also during training.Classes in vnetrenirovochnye days stretching contribute to muscle hypertrophy, preparing them for the following power loads.
  • placed priorities in strength training will allow to work out the muscle groups that should be given more attention.
  • Selecting auxiliary exercises.It is important to work out those muscles that do not get enough physical activity while performing basic exercises.

basic program of strength training

strength training program adheres to the basic development of muscular strength and endurance.But when performing exercises with weights spontaneously the process of muscle growth and give them relief.

Base program for strength training is recommended to be by a highly qualified coach.Individual basic program made up a specialist as soon as possible will allow to pass to the next stage of preparation, with a lot of stress.

basic principle to build strength, used in the basic program - is to raise the maximum heavy weight with long breaks between sets.

Driving program.Frequency of training - 2 - 3 per week.The total amount of training for the entire cycle of 20 times.Number of sets and repetitions should not exceed 3 to 12. Rest between exercises should be at least 2 minutes.

Basic exercises - squats, bench press, pull-ups, deadlifts, working with a dumbbell, top link on Smith machine, pull the belt on the lower block.

Basic exercises help make the muscles strength and prepare them for a more serious power loads.

Weight Training for Beginners

weight training program for beginners provides for the establishment and strengthening of the functional framework of the body.

Practice Guidelines for the beginner:

  • lessons a day.
  • work with the muscles of the body.
  • average degree of physical exertion.
  • basic exercises, with minimal insulation.
  • set of exercises is composed of no more than 5 species.
  • gradual and uniform increase in loads.
  • The proper exercise technique.
  • Conduct warm-up and stretching.

power complex for beginners.

  • Curl to Press - 2 sets of 20-35 times.
  • Trainers - 3 sets of 20 times.
  • Squats on the shoulders - 2 sets of 25 times.
  • bench press - 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • vertical thrust to the chest block - 4 sets of 10 - 12 times.
  • Bench sitting upright - 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Proper exercises will help you build muscle and strength.Further possible gradual increase worker repetitions with decreasing weight.

strength training program for men

Ideal for men aged 20 to 30 years with good genetics and physical education.This program applies only basic exercises provide the body with the strongest stress necessary to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue.

strength training program for men includes the elaboration of all muscle groups in three separate training at intervals of them through the day.

The emphasis is on the burden of large muscle groups using basic exercises.Hypertrophy of the muscles during exercise helps increase the strength.

recovery period between sets should last no more than one and a half seconds, depending on the strength exercises.

program consists of strength training exercises, the implementation of which is provided in a period of not less than 4 months.


  • Squats - 6 sets of 12 times.
  • Dead Rod - 5 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • flexion and extension of the legs in the simulator - 7 sets of 10 times.
  • Curl - 2-3 sets to failure.


  • Pulling - 5 sets of 20 times
  • thrust rod in the slope to the belt - 8 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • military press - 4 sets of 12 times.
  • thrust rod to the chin - 6 sets of 10 times.


  • barbell bench press, lying on an incline bench - 7 sets of 12 repetitions.
  • Dips - 6 sets of 10 reps.
  • Curl - 3 sets to failure.
  • Raising the bar for biceps - 5 sets of 12 times.

Experts advise to write a training diary daily results.This allows to monitor the operating weight gain, which in turn will improve the effectiveness of training.

program of strength training for women

Strength training for girls - this is the only way to create a slim and fit the female figure.Properly designed program of weight training for women will improve a woman's body, and, if necessary, will help to create the body of a bodybuilder.

main goal of the women's training aimed at speeding up the metabolic processes in the body.About effectiveness of strength training indicates the presence of muscle pain.Therefore, the frequency of exercise 3 times a week, is the most appropriate to restore the muscle tissue in the female body.

very much depends on the proper cycling, the use of which involves strength training for women.The program consists of a weight training loads which alternate with each other.

Experts recommend to start the training process with Pump-mode, contributes significantly to the formation of lactic acid in the muscles.This mode will prepare energy exchange in muscles and sustavnosvyazochny unit for further power loads.Its duration should not exceed two months.The next stage semi-powershift training recommended in the full body.

basic rules of weight training for women:

  • number of repetitions - from 8 to 20.
  • Separation training on splits and alternately working of the muscles (top and bottom of the body, pectoral muscles and shoulders, legs and small muscle groups).
  • Frequency of the training process two or three times in seven days.
  • Once a week carrying out low-intensity cardio.

program of strength training for women should be carried out strictly according to plan and with a gradual and steady increase in load.

Plan strength training for girls at constant performance of the system can go to supersets.

strength training program for weight loss

strength training program for weight loss provides a set of exercises, which help to overcome the weight and decrease the volume.Also, if you have a bulk muscle mass, giving relief to muscles during exercise is possible to dry the body.

Getting the exercises, you need to choose an operating weight, make a program and buy a subscription to the gym.

recommended in the initial stage of use dumbbells, further burdening the operating weight and weights in the final period using the barbell.

set of exercises for weight loss:

  • Squats on the shoulders of 4x20.
  • rise torso on an incline bench 3x20.
  • Deadlift 2x10.
  • bench press close grip 3x25.
  • thrust rod in the slope to the belt 3x20.
  • Raising the bar for biceps 4x15.
  • Lifting dumbbells in stornony 3x25.

accelerate the process of weight loss is possible due to proper nutrition.Slimming diet should consist of human low-calorie food.To give prominence to muscles is possible with the use of food with little carbohydrate.

Drinking water should be more than 2 liters.Especially it is important to drink up to one liter of clean water during your workout.This mode will speed up the metabolic processes in the body, and this in turn will help reduce the amount of fat and overcome obesity or to give relief to the muscle fibers.

Strength training at home

Very often, due to lack of money people can not go to gyms and even more so to use the services of a personal trainer.But do not despair, exercise is possible under any conditions, the main thing that was a desire.In training at home has several advantages, so it's time to start building a beautiful body.

program of strength training at home is developed on the principle of using the weight of the entire body.It is recommended to use hand weights, dumbbells, expander and, if available, of the bar.

program power loads House provides for the principle of circular training with a small operating weight, the average intensity and minimal rest between sets.All exercises are performed one after the other one Seto, with the passage of 3-4 cycles.

basic exercises:

  • Partial squats with dumbbells zhimom up.
  • Thrust dumbbell with one hand to the abdominals.
  • alternately attacks on foot towards the rear with the weights.
  • Lifting dumbbells in hand in the slope.
  • Deadlift with dumbbells (if not the bar).
  • push-ups with extra weight.
  • Crossing the legs suspended in the supine position.
  • abdominal exercises.

Such a program of strength training at home, without requiring complex simulators allow you to always have a toned and beautiful body.

The ideal situation is to have a multi-home power simulator.Its use makes it possible to develop the muscles in isolation and comprehensively.But this is only for the lucky owners of this miracle home.

Exercise on Strength Training

training program on strength training equipment to be created individually and in view of what results the person wants to achieve.The purpose may be different: to lose weight, keep fit, or increase muscle mass and strength.The desired end result depends on the duration and intensity of the power loads.

set of exercises on the simulator.

  • Bench hands.
  • Squats with weights on the Smith machine.
  • leg press.
  • work on the block simulator.
  • thrust his head.

This exercise, with which it is possible to work all the muscle groups.Adjust the number of repetitions and weight operating weight gradually and smoothly.

principles of strength training for boxers

weight control, the development of high-speed performance, increased power, and the dynamics of development of endurance - all this will help achieve weight training boxers.

sill training program for boxers is based on the following principles:

  • minimum time to rest between sets no more than 30 seconds.
  • versatile load with multiple polyarticular exercises per set.
  • integrated use of various training techniques.
  • sure to hold warm up before exercise and cool down after the highest level.
  • Conduct stretching exercises and flexibility after each set of exercises.
  • Application specific strength exercises;
  • regularity in changing the training system.

Boxers main work falls on the extensor muscles of the arms, the delta, the abdominal muscles, legs and back.The frequency of physical activities with weights not only contributes to their development, but also increases their strength and endurance.

properly designed program of strength training using an alternation in the leveling of individual muscle groups, which in turn contributes to their development.It can be jerks, pushes the rod, shot put, metbolnogo ball, etc.

Frequency is strength training with maximum weights should not exceed two times a week.For the boxer is very important time to recover from this type of training.

Power training program

Powerlifting Strength training for powerlifters are aimed at increasing efficiency in the three basic exercises:

  • bench;
  • deadlift;
  • squats.

remaining starting the exercises are carried out exclusively by a residual principle.Any exercise performed powerlifter, always focused on the development of strength.Strength training program Powerlifting includes exercises to increase strength and endurance for a more successful resistance to static load in basic exercises.Strength training, in most cases have a separate character.This means that all three exercises are not performed in a single visit to the hall.As an exception is possible to use any two exercises for power loads.

basic rules of the program:

  • Frequency of training 3-4 times a week.
  • number of sets with a maximum operating weight 3.
  • periodization loads.
  • work with a maximum weight lifting.
  • reps for benching should not exceed 2 to 6, squats and deadlifts - not more than 5 times.

main task of the athlete - a gradual increase in the intensity of the training and an increase in tonnage lifted weights.

Approximate program

Wednesday: squats on his shoulders, bench press close grip, with a bar on the slopes of the shoulder girdle, hyperextension without complication.

Wednesday: Deadlift, pulling, twisting the Roman chair, pull the bar on straight legs.

Tuesday: dips, squats on his chest, bench press, hyperextension without encumbrances.

Do not forget about the recovery process for the muscle.To improve and restore the recommended intake of sports nutrition.

Basics of nutrition in strength training

strength training effectiveness depends not only on the quality and the correct execution of the exercises, but also on the quality of your food.

Being in a training mode, you should drink plenty of the right foods with a harmonious balance of nutrients to enrich the body with energy and nutrients.

right food

hour before exercise is necessary to eat.You should never engage in on an empty stomach.