Why dream of a car accident?

What dream a car accident?Note that the interpretation will have meaning only if the image - not an experience of days gone by, that is, if you have recently had a party or witness a collision of cars, the dream does not mean anything.This is just your feelings.

What dream a car accident the driver

As you know, road users can be divided into several categories - drivers and pedestrians.There are passengers.All of them, one way or another, may be related to the accident.But the significance of sleep depends on where exactly as you were.If you were at the wheel and crashed into an obstacle (not the car), it means that your actions will lead you directly to the failure.That is, you are so ill-conceived that it was to do that collapse is inevitable.If you are in a collision with another car, so ahead of the problem.Their source is unfortunately not known.But, most likely, your entertainment will cause trouble, according to the dream book.What dreams may be an accident, which involved a lot of cars?Also in trouble, but more extensive.The trouble will affect not only you but also others.Perhaps it is social unrest or closure of the enterprise in which you work.If the accident was a victim, then a chance of mourning in real life.In any case, what will happen to you very much affected.

What dream a car accident the passenger

If you saw the car in which you were traveling crashed into a tree, which means that friends pull you into trouble his irrepressible desire for entertainment.You, unfortunately, go at them on occasion, but will internally against such fun.All unpleasant end proceedings.If the car in which you - the passenger, collided with other vehicles, expect trouble at work.You will not be the originator of the event, more likely, "pierce" your boss.But all the arrows will translate for you.Get ready.Fend off slander will not be easy.Even more likely, and you have the possibility of such will not be.You just quietly be appointed deadline.The proceedings did not help!If you were the victim of the accident, then you may also be fired for no reason.If not the loss of life, the punishment will be exact.And it's not your fault!This is what dreams passenger car accident.If you did not go in cars and on public transport, so the scale of the problem is significantly greater.It will apply to all colleagues.

Why dream car accident at a pedestrian

If you go along the road, and in your field of vision is a collision of cars, so you can help solve some important issue enmity colleagues.That is, the events that follow will be unpleasant, but beneficial to you.If you dream you are the victim of vehicles, wait for "arrival" of such a force, from which not so easy to get rid of.You will need enough endurance to not give up!If you do not "died" in his sleep, then you have the power!Watch an accident with victims from - to witness a major scandal.

Some sources believe that getting into an accident in a dream means that you will punish himself for some wine.