What a dream that a dog bites?

That dog - a friend, we know from childhood.Unfortunately, many of the same pore learn that arguing with the friend from the world of animals is not necessary.His teeth are sharp, courage - more than enough!And what a dream that a dog bites?If you still have vivid impressions of this event, which occurred earlier in reality, the image can speak of the danger that soon will meet on your way.The subconscious mind remembers that the ego reacted to bite emotionally very powerful.Remember the moment!Most likely, these experiences await you in the near future.

What dreams that bites a dog?

you can figure out that close very angry with you.At the same time (to your great surprise) it turns out that they have long been hoarding claim.And the moment will come when all will pour out.Likely to be a small scandal.Do not get lost.Try to explain the love that you do not mean anything bad.You had no intention of offending them.Be patient and persistent.Conflict of smoothed out, according to the dream book.Dog bites in a dream?Perhaps this means that those with whom you are extremely open, take action against you.It could be friends!With them so easy to settle the conflict will not be possible.If you have suffered from a bite (there was a wound with blood), then you have to expect a break with a friend.It will be painful.But it is better not to have a loved one than to trust a traitor.

What dreams that bites dog (sick)?

If you met on the street dog, covered with sores, tried to help him, and he lashed out at you, it means that your kindness is not friendly at times with reason.You can get into a situation where your good intentions will be used fraudsters.It affected you.Think about it: you do not stretch a hand to people who are worse than the soul of snakes?Not just your subconscious given you this terrible way.Not every day you have the dog teeth terrible dream.Dog Bites?So close is the enemy!You just do not notice it, but you feel!Even worse, if you dream of a dead dog, which suddenly grabbed you terrible grip.After such a nightmare you have to be constantly on the alert.Relax to anything!Dreams that bites a dog, that you thought was dead?Most likely, you are a betrayal lurks at every step!Most likely, you will offend people, which had long been forgotten.But he harbored a grudge, dreaming of revenge.And now the time has come!

puppy bites

Sometimes, we come very strange dream.For example, you're playing with the puppies, and suddenly one of them angry and glared in your hand very sharp teeth!This dream means that you will be in trouble from the kids.If you have your own children, then they will cause disturbances.If you have not got them, you can meet on the street nasty company that you osyplet insults.Or maybe you have a little thief steals purse.In any case, should not relax.

girl dreams about what that dog bites?

Adolescent damsels portends evil dog is not very pleasant groom.If the bite wound is left, just tear with the partner.Otherwise, it will involve you in such trouble, from which it will be difficult to recover.And if in your dream dog pulls a cat, then you have nothing to worry about.All troubles exist only in your head.In fact, everything is fine!