Oil and its implications for the world economy

phrase "oil production" has long been firmly established in the lexicon of the world and to a large extent become a symbol of the modern era.Today, this product is the Earth's interior, along with his eternal companion - natural gas is virtually unopposed World Energy.

severity of the problem and adds that this unique reserves of combustible material irreplaceable.The reason most of the wars of the past and the present century is precisely the production of oil, which is sometimes tough competition from the economic struggle grows into armed clashes of different scale and intensity.

Everything else in the last two decades of passion fueled by numerous reputable analysts scares international community gloomy forecasts that the world's oil reserves will suffice for a maximum of fifty years.But, despite this, today the world's oil production is almost equivalent to its use.And overvalued stocks this product do not even think exhausted.

So what is it a "bone of contention"?Oil is, in terms of chemistry, natural oily liquid consisting of various hydrocarbons of various molecular structure, which, strictly speaking, depends on sort of "black gold" and product quality.Oil molecules may be long, branched, short, closed in a ring or multi-ring carbon atom chain.

addition of carbon in crude oil also contains oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen compounds.However, in very small quantities.In total, the oil can be up to thousands of different components.This complex in their structure and the most valuable for the energy industry product accumulates in the strata of porous rocks called reservoirs.

The best collectors, a kind of natural reservoirs are sandstone formations, enclosed in a shell of impervious rocks (different types of clay and shale), which prevent the leakage of the product of this natural oil storage tanks.Accordingly, in such circumstances, the oil extraction is facilitated.

Due to its incredible energy consumption and very high transportability, this gift Earth's interior in the early twentieth century, has taken a leading position in the energy industry.With the development of science and technology disciplines oil gained wide application in virtually all spheres of human activity.

interesting fact is that the cost of oil is much lower than, say, coal.But its energy value thus disproportionately higher.It is difficult on the planet find a product that would have played a grand role in the development of human civilization as "black gold."

technology of oil production is directly dependent on the geological characteristics of the deposit and the conditions of occurrence of the individual product.Home field development always precedes the exploration and evaluation of the economic viability of oil.Currently, oil production is carried out by flowing method, tubing, gazliftovym and hydrodynamic modeling method, and many others.