Dream Interpretation: what a dream horse

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Many people think of horses among the most noble, the most intelligent and beautiful animals.And what to expect if this magnificent creation dreamed in his sleep?We offer an interpretation of this dream to look at some of the most complete and well-known dream books of our time.

What dream horse : Dream Book Miss Hasse

According to this source, a dream in which you're saddling the horse, considered a good sign, prorochaschim good luck and happiness.But black horse color promises the dreamer sad events.Riding on a horse - to participate in a risky enterprise.

modern dream interpretation, Why dream horse

According to the compilers of this collection, the beautiful horses dreamer promise success and rapid growth of welfare.Dirty and well groomed animals foreshadow envy and deceit on the part of the person you trust completely.Dead or injured horse - to the bad news.Why dream of white horses?This dream is considered a very good sign that promises true friends and happy meeting with friends.Horses "apples" portend good luck in business and make a profit.If you dreamed that you were riding on a large beautiful bay stallion, then your greatest desire to be fulfilled.Horseback riding, which are constantly under kicks and tries to throw you to the ground, promises a thorny and full of difficulties path to the goal.If your horse threw and kicked addition, it offers the ordeal in the form of serious illness or dangerous opponents.

What dream horse : Russian dream book

This dream book examines the image of the horse as a symbol of grace, nobility and grace.Therefore, such a dream is interpreted as a harbinger of a meeting with a man endowed with all these wonderful qualities.

Dreams Gustav Miller: what a dream horse

black stallion in a dream that source is treated as a harbinger of your elevation and finding a new social status.White Horse promises loyal and faithful friends with whom you can always have a great time.If you dream that your horse ran away, and now a wild herd, you threaten serious illness.Move to the top of the pure stream with clear water - good luck, which, however, will be somewhat clouded.A dream in which you swim across a wide river, sitting on the back of a horse and numerous promises of joy and embodied in the life of your most cherished dreams.Grabbing the horse by the bridle and bend it to his will - to the favorable changes in your life.Independently shoe a horse - to the attainment of wealth through dubious.Ride bareback - to a heavy and time-consuming way to success.Horses in harness promise numerous tests on the way to finding a long-awaited happiness.If you dream that you are riding on a steep climb up the mountainside, in life, you will achieve a strong financial position and social status.Dreaming with peacefully grazing on a lush meadow horses represents well-established and reliable business partners.