What traffic

What traffic?In English, speaking literally - traffic.This amount of data, expressed in kilobytes, passing through the server for a specified period of time.Internet traffic, in other words, it is - attendance.

attractiveness of a particular site or section for the advertiser is highly dependent on the number of visitors for a certain unit of time.How to determine the number of visitors?For this there is indicator of the number of unique visitors per day.There is also a figure for the day, month, etc.

What traffic?This, in simple terms, visitors to the site.Usually webmasters are calculated daily traffic.Why is it needed?It can be used for profit.The visitors' traffic is often the main source of income at different sites, along with the sale of articles and links.

Let's further say that the traffic is and what his views are.Trust and untargeted traffic.

If a visitor through search engine searches for a phrase (for example) "online poker", and gets to your site, which offers registration in the poker room - is an example of targeted traffic.

example of misuse are visitors coming from various stock exchanges as a result of the traffic exchange.

suggests itself concluded that the targeted traffic - the most lucrative and coveted traffic.Earnings are directly related to the number of visitors, so attendance (and also registration) plays a crucial role.

Internet traffic is considered to be high quality if a hundred visits account for at least a couple of product sales (or two or three of registration).Faulty traffic - is when one hundredth visit not registered a single sale.

If your site has at least some traffic, then place the best of it all promotional materials: banners, reviews, blogs, etc.

Driving Traffic methods:

1. Optimization for SEO - (it can be said, a whole science to attract traffic from different search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.). The meaning here in the following: it is necessary to break into the top ten of issuesearch engines for specific keyword queries. So you will begin to attract to your life different visitors.

How to do it?

Please choose a topic to write texts, then pick one keyword (LF), match this topic, and to which we willmove on. We analyze the competition in our chosen keywords. After starting to write the text from the adjustment to our competitors. Further analyzing the written text on the relevance and bring it to perfection. And finally - the publication!

Internal optimization - text write optimized forspecific keyword. Then analyze potential rivals and try to outdo them perelinkovyvayut, analyze the relevance.If, after all this work top ten not, you must go to the external optimization, ie,insert reference to the required anchors.

2. Optimization SMO (for social networks).This complex of certain measures specifically aimed at attracting traffic through various social communities.

CEO still better - once done, and the traffic will come by itself, but the CFR need to constantly alter to better attract traffic.There are five rules of SMO traffic:

  1. maintain link popularity - you must do everything to make your site interesting to refer to the social networks;
  2. simplify the addition of a site in xml - tape, social networks and forums;
  3. encourage linking to you;
  4. promote export and import content by reference to the original source;
  5. encourage users to your content.

So we figured out what the traffic and how to increase it.