Getting a driver's license in Russia

Each of us wants to drive a car, but you need to go through a compulsory procedure as a driver's license.Perhaps, for anybody not a secret that you can buy the rights for a certain amount and not to strain.What if no money, but still need a certificate?There is a solution: take the exam for a driver's license.

What do you need?

Firstly, to reach adulthood.Getting a driver's license may, of course, only after reaching the age of 18.

Second, take a course.On receipt of Category A and B can be delivered without the course, but this law is going to cancel the near future.

Third, you need medical help for a driver's license, which is given the conclusion that physical health will not prevent you to manage any transport.

also be required to submit the following documents:

- Statement.
- passport.
- receipt confirming payment of the fees.

What is the test?

After the courses will be required to pass an internal examination in which you will need, for example, to describe the operation of the engine (or any other device auto).Then you allow for the delivery of traffic rules, where you have to answer 20 questions, allowing no more than two errors, and only then will take the driving test.If all steps are passed without any problems, you will receive a certificate.

Getting a driver's license is happening in the traffic police departments.Rights can be of two types:

- national;

- international.

The first kind is issued for a certain period of time - 10 years, and these rights are valid only in the territory of the Russian Federation.The second type of acts on the territory of the Vienna and Geneva Convention, and are made in the language of the State in which they are issued.

categories of rights, as well as their sub-categories:

A - issued to persons 16 years of age for mopeds and motorcycles.

A1 - "light motorcycle".In

- issued to persons under 18 years old is allowed to drive the vehicles, which do not exceed the permitted limit of weight of 3500 kg.

B1 - quad bikes and other similar appliances.

C - issued to persons 18 years of age are allowed to drive vehicles weighing 3,500 kg or more.

order to leave and to travel freely abroad, you must obtain a new international driving license or to pay a considerable fine.In this regard, employees of traffic police strongly advised to register it before you go abroad.In addition, it is worth remembering that not all countries of the Vienna Convention are our traffic regulations.In Australia, the USA and some other countries, has its own laws that must be respected, otherwise you may have a big problem.For the slightest infraction can lose a driver's license or face penalties.

sent abroad, do not forget that the validity BY defines the country in which you are.At the end of their actions need to take the exam for a driver's license again.

successful delivery!Be careful on the roads and observe the traffic rules that will save you money and may even save lives.