How to Retire?

How to Retire?With this question each year is facing a lot of people whose age approaching retirement.To draw a pension, it is necessary to reach the following age limits: 60 years for men, for women - 55 years.

pension calculation begins with the filing of the Pension Fund of the application, but not earlier than the retirement age.For pensions on time is necessary before the retirement age to bring all the documents in order.

To calculate the pension and use several data, namely the size of the pension depends on the length of service and salary man.Also take into account the premiums listed in the Pension Fund.

How to retirement age?

before retirement age should check their documents, namely whether personal data entered in the workbook, and if they match the passport.With existing amendments and corrections, as well as inscriptions and seals fuzzy kindly requested to notify the relevant authorities.

In order to learn how to draw a pension, you must pre-apply to the relevant authorities at the place of residence with a ready package documents.

How to retire if there is no registration at the place of residence?In this case, you must apply for a pension through a representative, who will perform the proxy corresponding instructions.


Apart from the application, you must prepare the following documents: employment record, passport, pension insurance certificate.In some cases, it may require additional documents.

When submitting documents lacks some of them, then the Pension Fund provides three-month period in order to provide them.Sometimes, with the consent of the citizen, retirement pension can be accrued by providing a package, and then, after the missing documents, the amount of uncollected pensions are paid over time with regular pension.

How to retire at a reduced category?Making a reduced pension will take a lot of time and effort when compared to the old-age pension registration.First, you need to compile a complete set of documents relating to the benefits: help, orders and so on.

Then, after collecting the required documents should be submitted together with the application for consideration by the Commission for the Pension Fund.After checking all the data, it assigns a preferential pension.

Persons who may rely on preferential pension, - those who worked in the Far North;those whose work is connected with special conditions (Emergency Situations Ministry, and others.);whose parents have disabilities;mothers with many children;educators.

How to make a disability pension?This type of pension is made regardless of the reasons that led to the disability.The pension may not be imposed only if the injured person has put himself out of selfish motives, and this fact has been proved in court.For its calculation the following documents: passport, certificate of disability, an income statement for the time of employment, certificate of pension insurance.