Annex to a contract

At the conclusion of the agreement on the sale of products, the provision of various services or carrying out certain works in practice, there are situations when more details of the transaction, having a sufficiently large volume of information, it is inconvenient to place in the main text of the document.In such cases, an application is made to the contract.It may be a job of a technical nature, specifications, schedules, turnaround time and delivery of materials, the cost of products supplied, the procedure for settlement of accounts, etc.This appendix to the contract is made on a single sheet, or more, depending on the amount of information contained in it, and it becomes part of the agreement, which has the same legal effect.

introductory part of the document should contain its name.Next to the word "application" should stand number, in case of registration of several additions to the agreement.One of the prerequisites is an indication of the treaty itself.Therefore, the introductory part shall contain the date of its execution and the registration number.

header of the main section must come from the content of the document.The title should be brief capture the essence of refinement, which is one of the most important parts of the agreement and specifies the provisions contained in the treaty.In addition to the transaction may be filed graphs describing the execution of works, as well as priorities for their implementation.Annex to the protocol agreement can contain comments etc.

The final part of the document should reflect the details of each of the parties to the agreement.Here are indicated:

  • full name;
  • ownership;
  • factual and legal address;
  • accounts and the names of the banks that cater to the counterparty.

All these data are essential elements that indicate the membership additions to the basic agreement.The annex to the contract is recorded signatures of the persons who have the right to bargain.It also indicated their positions, and the nameAffix seal parties to the transaction.The application shall be signed simultaneously with the agreement.If extended information to the transaction indicated later, it shall be in the form of a supplementary agreement.

Agreement and its annexes from a legal point of view, have the status of a single document.In practice, there are cases where the agreement makes reference to the attached to it for more information.In this case, the application is an integral part of the deal.

Annex to the supply contract is issued in the case of the duration of the period of the agreement.The contents of the document specified at the signing parties more information.The long-term deal to supply products during the period of his performance may undergo a number of changes the original arrangement.Reduce or increase the number and value of the goods can change the order of their delivery to the buyer, as well as the assortment list.Specific provisions are specified in the sales specifications.If the application there are various contradictions, it is necessary to use the information which a later date of signing.

Contract hiring can also have a variety of applications.They are made in the case where certain information from the large amount was not reflected in the main document.What will be further reflected in the agreement, the organization decides on their own.So, the job description the employee can be issued as an addendum to the employment contract.As additional information the hiring agreement may contain:

  • conditions of use of personal property for the benefit of the employee organization;
  • obligations imposed ban on disclosure, etc.